don't like it , don't listen to it | Reviewer: erik staub | 7/30/10

Screeching Weasel are one of the best bands ever. the ramones were obviously a major influence. which led to green day and bands of the like geting some influence from S.W. i do not like most gratefull dead songs...and most led zep songs, but the Beastie boys sure sampled the hell out of them. but i must have forgot "you can not like a band, if one of your favorite bands does not like them"(sarcasm) without weasel I (we) would be deprived of some of the best music ever. BEN please go on tour again, i will help and you would be surprised how many friends(people) we have in common! write back please!.............anyone.

What kind of fucktard even argues about this? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/22/08

Led zeppelin's the best! All my friends tell me soooo! All the magazines I buy say soooo! Jimmie Page is the best guitar player ever--all my friends say soooooo!

Good God...Ben Weasel hates Led Zeppelin. Big deal. I hate the Grateful Dead. Who cares? People have diff taste. One of my friends loves "the jam" I think 15 minute songs are boring. So what?

I think all you fuckers whining about Zeppelin's damaged honor or whatever need to get laid, start a band or committ suicide. Or whatever. Anything's better than arguing over two bands that split up. That reminds me...WTF am I doing here?

Fucking gay ass. | Reviewer: Lacie | 9/24/07

Screeching weasel is a great band, if you don't like them, don't listen to them, or hell! don't make shitty remarks.
Fuck your led zepplin and shit, i'd rather have the ramones and the clash.