Hey ya | Reviewer: Bluber | 11/20/12

I think this song is pretty good even though i never listened to it it speaks to the ghost in your attic telling them to go away they are an immense scare to me so this song really says that in my ears so thank you scorpions for scaring the attic ghosts away!!! :)

classic | Reviewer: metal head | 6/11/12

this song describe end of cold war.'world is closin in did u evr think that we'could be so close like brothers'that line touch my heart.i almost got tear in my eyes so emotional.voice is amazing whistle melody is classic.scorpions is one of favorite band.

Soundtrack for our lives | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/14/10

The Scorpions are perhaps one of the most under-rated bans from any era. This particular song is the could be considered the title track for the end of an era for those of us who spent a lifetime as cold war warriors...believing that it was a war that would never end with the world intact. .."The world is closing in,did you ever think that we could be so close,like brothers?".. words alone cannot describe the true meaning in those words for old warhorses like me...Epic!

great song... | Reviewer: Fairouz | 7/21/09

this is a great song i heared it once during music class and it still keeps hunting me 6 years later. great song, great sound, great lyric, great history..!!!I'm under 40 yes 18.. And no i didnt know what the song was about i was thinking it was about Russia or something but the Berlin Wall... nice subject and he put all the feelings of that time into one small ( GREAT ) song... good job!!

what it's about | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/27/09

Not sure that people under 40 know what the song is about. It is not sad at all! They are singing about the fall of the Berlin Wall and what that felt like to the people living in Germany. Things people could only dream about!

Great | Reviewer: Sumiran Satyal | 11/6/08

What a song! Scorpions have produced many like these. Their guitars are superb. Even if from Germany they have proved themselves to be no different from othee British hard rock and metal bands of the 60s and 70s.
But I can understand one thing-Why They are always underrated????

A melody for everybody. | Reviewer: SHZ | 9/2/08

more than a song
it is part of my life soundtrack
those of melodies we never forget
even if we try.
It touched my life ...this moment of my life.
strangely I never had listened this guy before
just once was enough to adore the band.


incredible | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/25/07

amazing song. i dont think there is a more meaningful or sad song on this earth
the scorpions are highly underrated. the scorpions deserve credit for what they have done
they have some, but take a listen. in my opinion, they are the best, most original band ever
except maybe Boston...

great song | Reviewer: ap0calypse | 10/30/07

I like the intro of this song, it's so quiet and peacefull, and then klaus begins to sing, he really has an amazing voice.
well done scorpions ;)

cring | Reviewer: Allison | 6/9/07

my grandfather made a video to this song after his dog dyed. she was my bff... anyways ive gtg

this song rocks | Reviewer: a | 3/22/07

this song is the best 5 star rating!good job Scorpions!

crying | Reviewer: anonymous | 3/13/07

this song is so sad in my eyes it is like everything you see is dying....i cant believe that this song is on here...anyways great job Scorpions!!!lol