Reviews for Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too Lyrics

Performed by Say Anything

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this song owns ur face. | Reviewer: I Am No One | 4/4/2008

This song is so awesome. I think the first time I heard it was either on fuse or something or music choice. (how come not very many people know what that is?) Anyway, it was so freaking funny. I was like, OMG This song is awesome. I like singing it at school, and doing these scary, retarded dance things or whatever. (if you could call it that) The music video is awesome, too. Well, I guess my point is I <3 Say Anything. XD

I LOVE THIS SONG!!! | Reviewer: Andrew | 1/25/2008

This is my favorite song in the whole entire world! I listen to it everyday! =] "I called her on the phone and she touched herself!" Thats my favorite [art!!! =D <333333333333333

wettin ur pants!! | Reviewer: avannah | 1/21/2008

i first heard this song on fuse and i almost wet my flippn pants!!!!jk jk jk!!! no actually i'm not "just jokin" but i tought it wuld add some pizazz!! but anyway this i the coolest song eva!!

MY FAVORITE!!! | Reviewer: chelsea | 10/29/2007

Holy hell, i fricken love this song... it's hilarious and the beat is awesome!!! anyone who lives in FOCO, Colorado,... if you ever hear this song when you're cruisin college it's prolly me!!!

I luv this song!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Amber | 8/18/2007

omg! i luv this song i listen to it everyday!
its funny and cool at the same time. definetely my favorite song and definetely a ten.

Friggin' Awsome Doode!! | Reviewer: cori | 7/11/2007

I love this song!! I can listen to it for hours & not get tired of it!
I <3 Say Anything!

Soooo awsome | Reviewer: kira | 6/13/2007

this song is sooo awsome. everytime i hear it i crack up laughing. say anything is my fav band. <3

lol | Reviewer: punkprincess101 | 5/6/2007

Haha!I laughed till' i cried! I saw the video on fuse, everytime he said interweb he slapped his butt!Halarious!I love this song!

AMAZING | Reviewer: Bob | 4/30/2007

o my gosh i totally love this song and these guys are completely amazing!!

hehe | Reviewer: alyssa | 5/2/2007

i <3 this song so much! i laughed really, really hard when i first heard it on Fuse....

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