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Performed by Say Anything

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Loooove | Reviewer: Secret lady person | 11/28/10

Any piece done by max bemis is a master piece. I love that man and his work. He is truly an inspiration. I can literally match any mood to any one of say anything's songs. Especially this one. Me and my boyfriend broke up, but I dont think it was meant to be. And if he fell in love with anyone else I'd be crushed. Any way love say anything and loooove max bemis <3

..Really | Reviewer: Juliet | 5/19/09

I feel as if i'm in the same situation,
i have a boyfriend. but the one i'm supposed to be with, is almost unattainable at this point now, i do miss him when everything is quiet in my room. and i just want to in the future one day be over on a sunday and him crying so i could wipe his tears, like i once layed on his shoulder. Maybe. I don't want him to fall with someone new, and he doesn't want me to either. i claimed i have, i don't know why.
i don't know why.. but i know deep down. I'm not.

He will always be my love. together or not, i care the same. as so does he.

I'm her | Reviewer: The Girl | 2/19/09

I'm the girl he's singing to. Not the singer of Say Anything but, I have two men in love with me. I heard this song and immediately thought of myself and the two of them.
This situation, being the girl, isn't full either.

I want to love you so badly. There's no reason to feel like this. I want you.

Seriously? | Reviewer: some guy | 2/17/09

I can't believe no one's reviewed this song yet. It's not a popular track, but it's one of my favorite Say Anything songs as it's very pertinent to my personal life. The chorus just plays over and over in my head whenever I think of this certain someone...

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