Reviews for A Walk Through Hell Lyrics

Performed by Say Anything

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our song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/22/11

i found the song 3 and a half years ago cuz my dizzler account desided to play it insted of a rise against song why i dont know but i loved you so i serched for days to find out what it was when i did i showed it to my girl frien and she cryed of love and joy 2 years later we broke up but a year and a half after that we found each other again and to this day it is still our song i love you hunny

Lovely Lovely.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/8/11

I found this song when a guy I liked sent this to me when he moved away, I thought he forgot about me. Then a few days after he moved away he sent me this. We still keep in touch, but I think that he will be in love with someone else.

Lovely... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/11

When I was 19, the boy I was dating and fell in love with, played this song for me. It overwhelmed me! It is such a beautiful song! I'm now 28, and that same boy is also all grown up. He's sleeping soundly next to me. Our little boy, who just turned one last week, will definitely know this song. One of many songs his mommy and daddy fall in love over and over to! This, Peter Gabriel's "In your eyes", and a few others! :-)

<3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/21/11

I came across this song because of Facebook.. someone put some of the lyrics as their status and I looked up the song. I fell in love with this song! I love the tune and the lyrics. :) I haven't found many other Say Anything songs that I like; most of them just aren't my type of music. But I love this song! (I like Woe, too.)

Stomach dropping | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/7/11

I kind of stumbbled across this song but from the first note to the last it enchants me and I just cant think of any other words that express how I feel, the best love song i've heard, not soppy but from the heart and I totally relate, the hardest part is telling them you love them, this song does it, just in perfectly put together lyrics

frog in hellish vortex | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/7/11

my review is that a walk through hell has inspired me to walk through hell. so i became a frog and went through a vortex to get to hell. it was grand. i saw all these dead movie stars and elvis. woot woot.

Happy :) | Reviewer: Mikel | 9/29/10

yea wow im in love with this song i gave it to my girl and shes has fallan in love with it and its true i would do anything in this song plus more for her we plan on getting married soon and maby kids only problem its shes 13 and im 17 well anywho i love you A.M.F<333

Wow... | Reviewer: Maxie | 9/16/10

I heard the begining of this song that my boyfriend wanted to be our song and all I could think is oh my G-d is that what you think of me untill my slow computer finished loading and I heard the rest now I can't help but get all mushy everytime I hear it it's so sweet...

Simply Amazing | Reviewer: Gia | 6/13/10

Oh, Say Anything, you've done it again! I think everyone can agree that this song is one of their most memorable ones. Their way with words grabs your attention like a story and then throws some powerful meaning right into your heart. Talent like this is one-of-a-kind, so way to go Max Bemis!

It's Wonderful | Reviewer: Crysania :') | 5/4/10

This song didn't mean that much at all to me when i first heard it, i was like "Gosh, another love type song." but now im so very in love with this song & This song is so true i would TOTALLY walk through hell for my boyfriend, and everything it says in this song is so true. i completely love this song.

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