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Performed by Savage Garden

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Another point of view | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/27/09

I am also a great fan of the song and feel it lyrics so discrptive that it paints a detailistic story in ur imagination.However i have felt the story in a different manner than most of the other reviews.The woman subjected to this domestic violence didnt really leave that violent home.The car,the road,the motel was all in her head.Her imagination was her way of comfort after her husband's abuse to her.I felt that in"But the mind is an amazing place,full of cndy dreams,ew toys and a cheap hotel" and also "Silent fortress built to last"

... | Reviewer: Autumn | 12/23/07

This is a great song for me... My mother left her fiance after putting up with the abuse for a long time.I was 6 years old when she packed up the car with my twin sister and I and left, stopping in various motels along the way. She always had to worry about the food and rent but somehow we all made it through. I see this song as a way to view my mothers perspective and see everything she went through to save us. I love her dearly.

what it's really about | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/27/07

this is a bigraphical song about darren's parents, and the tempestuous relationship they had when he was little. they fought constantly and she would move out and take the kids with her.but she would always go back. i think you need to look at the line 'been up half the night screaming'to see who the abuser is don't scream. they used to be neighbours

This song doesn't need picturization | Reviewer: Bains | 7/5/07

According to me this song doesn't need picturization cause as you start reading the lyrics and you listen to the song you can make out the what situation is going on

so i just wanted to say the wording are mind blowing and not match able to any other song...and of course the other songs of savage garden are amazing too

I pray god should give birth to intelligent people like savage (garden band)

Very big fan of Savage garden
Fashion Director

This a song about domestic violence | Reviewer: April Gossett | 5/2/07

This song is from the womans' point of view, she is in an abusive relationship (checking that her husband is asleep, picking up broken glass and furniture and hiding bruises). So she packs up their kids and drives umtil she finds a hotel to check into(another ditch in the road, stop sign; two beds and a coffee machine is refering to a bare bones, cheap motel). She keeps going back to her abusive husband because she figures kids minds are resiliant(full of candy dreams, new toys and a another cheap hotel) and she feels she can't support their kids on her own (but there are groceries to buy and she knows she'll have to go home). This song does seem to switch between the third person like a story, to the first person like a journal entry (and the years go by so fast, wonder how I made it through). The last two especially seem to be from the perspective of the older child after he has grown up and thinks about his nightmarish childhood (silent fortress built to last, wonder how I ever made it). My mother-in-law was abused by her ex when my husband was 4 and his sister was 2 and she packed up her kids and fled with no turning back. I have also known several other women who have been abused by their husbands or boyfriends, with and without kids, so I know a little bit about this sort of experience and this song seems to be a real life take on this subject. Kudos to Savage Garden for having the guts to sing a song about domestic violence. P.S. My sister and I wonder if one of the band members had wrote this from the perspective of a personal experience.

Brilliant | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/18/07

This song has helped me get through a very difficult time in my life. Only Savage Garden Could Do such a brilliant song


Take it as it comes | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/9/06

Another ditch in the road
You keep moving
Another stop sign
You keep moving on
And the years go by so fast
Wonder how I ever made it through

This is not necessarily for a broken couple.. any bad situation you over come in life... this songs conveys that kind of meaning to me...
Life gives you all that it has... its how we take it as it comes...
but what ever be the case.. you keep moving on... and some day you wonder how you made it through... hats off Savage gardern..

this song rocks! | Reviewer: Eng | 10/14/05

It is a very good interpretation of the many perspectives involved with domestic violence.

Adding to the other interpretations i perceived that the repetitive verses of the song enhances the repetitive sufferings that a person suffering from domestic voilence has to undergo. Moreover, it assentuates their trapped feelings and how it is not easy to just drop everything and go and also how they can be ashamed of telling someone to get this problem actually dealt with properly.

I believe that this song provides a really good voice to those people who lack it. It increases our understanding of them and it deals with the realities of life. Sometimes, we may just be so tired of listening to stupid love songs.

Savage Garden only could you have put light into such a complex situation. Thank you so much!

Interpretation ^^ | Reviewer: Alexander Chang | 6/20/05

Wow, I'm impressed by the song.
I was charmed with Savage Garden in 1998!

First of all, I think most of the time
the addresser says the whole story
in the first person perspective.
(He refers to himself in the third person in some "stanza"* though.)

As you hear in the first stanza,
there might be domestic violence that makes the couple
wanna put an end to their relationship.

And I've been thinking the domestic violence for a while.
It seems it is the addressee, the lady,
who attacks the adresser, the man.
That's why she has to pick up the broken glass
,hide her bruise, and write an alibi.
So the poor addresser is somehow heartbroken
but he still loves her so much.
(I guess their children play a crucial role here.)

As the lyrics goes,
you find the addresser starts to refer himself
in the first person.
Seems he's waiting for his mate to come back
with their lovely children,
but obvioulsy there's a long way for the addressee to go.
That's why the addresser says
"wonder how I ever made it through."
We can imagine the total agony he suffers.
How pathetic!

As for "two beds and a coffee machine,"
erm, I don't know for sure.
They are possibly important symbols for the couple.
Ohh, hold on, I get an idea.
They don't have a happy healthy relationship, right?
So maybe from the very beginning they've slept in differnt beds.
The only connection ties them up is the coffee machine,
which they need so badly everyday.
And the coffee machine could be considered
a symbol paralleling their kids.
What do you think?

Hmmm, I've been talking way too much.
Thank you for reading this article.
My interpretation is likely to be nonsense,
so if you have any new ideas,
let's have them. =)

* Since it's not a poem, I shouldn't call that a "stanza,"
but I just cannot find a proper word for it.
Paragraph? Column? No. ><
# BTW, I'm a Taiwanese college student (English major).
If you'd like to discuss more about this song,
you are welcomed to e-mail me anytime. \(^o^)/
Wish everyone a great day!

Thank you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/12/05

Thank you
This song helped me through a really difficult time im my life and it suppriseed me how much the song relates to what happend to me. i played it over and over until i realised that there is light at the end of the tunel and thngs do get better.
Thank you savage Garden

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