Reviews for Truly Madly Deeply Lyrics

Performed by Savage Garden

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depressing | Reviewer: James | 2/19/07

This truly depressing song brought out old emotions in me

truly,madly,deeply | Reviewer: alexa | 8/23/06

i just love this song
for me,is the best ever.thank you savage garden for this song,thank you darren hayes for singing it so good!

This is so good | Reviewer: Miranda | 4/26/06

This song is so great, i listen to it all the time, this song is the song which made me fall in love with my ex-boyfriend while we we're dating, when i play this song it reminds me of him, that depresses me but this song u can repeat it and not stop listen to it... I love it so much....

I love Truly Madly Deeply | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/18/06

Thsi is such a good song. I listen to it all the time and i just find it so relaxing to listen too. I sing along to it all the time and rock on everybody who loves it like i do:D

truly madly deeply | Reviewer: emma | 1/5/06

this song is the best song of all time it should have an award of some sort it rocks and i dont care what any1 else says. pleasin effort

brilliant | Reviewer: andy | 12/7/05

this song by savage garden is brill it's really emotional as wel and it's 1 of mi fave songs ever cool song savage garden wot a band

Amazing | Reviewer: Faye and Kinza | 6/3/05

we absolutely love this song we listen to it everyday it is truly madly deeply incredable thankyou savage garden

Favorite Song EVER!!! | Reviewer: Jane | 5/14/05

I really Love this song i'm 14,so my friends think its boring but i admire it, I thinks its fantastic and it makes me feel really emotional, thanks 4 a fab record savage garden.

Savage Gardens | Reviewer: Danielle Kashino | 2/21/05

The song Truly Madly Deeply is the best song I have ever listend to
Reviewer Danielle Kashino

Savage Garden | Reviewer: Johanna | 7/23/04

Truly, Madly, Deeply - I adore this song, I has been my favourite since it first came out, and still is. It is just beautiful, and has very special memories for me. Thank you Savage Garden.....

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