Sarahs Gift | Reviewer: qg46 | 7/5/10

Sarah - Your songs are sweet, touching and so beautiful. You have a great gift. Thank you for sharing it. I was truly and personally moved by U want me 2. Life for me had that time. It's become my song. You speak for many hearts. Thank You - Quentin

she IS moveing | Reviewer: anca | 3/3/09

she is moving... she reaches deep,intimate realms of the soul in her lyrics and songs... her music was the balm of my adolescence...i felt it so deep then, even without grasping the meaning of the lyrics.

sarah u rock | Reviewer: sara | 10/7/08

hey sara my name is SARA and i just want to tell u that im doing a biography on you and my friends livia and justine wanted to say ....hello i hardly even know u ... said livia sara rock ... said justine its sara again i want to tell u that i dont think thats the right e mail well i have to go bye

Actualy it was a question | Reviewer: Richard | 12/16/07

I recently saw a Cirque de Soleil show in Europe ( Dec '07 ) and wanted to know if it was actaully Sarah singing in the show as I want to purchase the soundtrack if it includes her voice .

Afterglow | Reviewer: Bonnie | 12/10/07

I just recently saw "Afterglow" on LOGO and was blown away. I taped it and have played it several times since. It's the voice. Her lyrics are beautiful and thought provocing but her voice...
I hope she will continue to sing for us for decades at least.

Perfect Imperfection | Reviewer: Kyla | 5/10/05

I recently saw Sarah in concert, and the show was so impeccable and so moving. When 'Hold On' came on, her vocals rocked the stadium, as millions of lighter and glow sticks waved in sequence with the melody and rythym.