Wanting COMPLETE lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/10/14

I have been searching for the complete lyrics to this song (as sung on at least one recording by Sarah Brightman) but have been unable to find a copy. In trying to learn the words, one would think there are no more words than can be found on line.

I relate to this in losing a husband who was very dear and was both a friend and father figure. I wonder if ALL the lyrics to the song can complete such a different perception?

Inspiring and thought-provoking | Reviewer: Guest | 8/18/13

This song is so emotional and bittersweet, maybe in fact a little bit depressing. The lyrics are so deep. However, this helped me get over my very bad case of writer's block. I am currently writing a tragic romance story and I could imagine my two main characters inadvertently singing the same song - because they are both forever separated, but their voices are still alive even though one of them can no longer be physically seen. Thanks for this...

Dark in love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/27/12

This song has a lot of meaning to me because although it sounds petty to say this it reminds me of losing my mother, she's not really gone but she is nilonger a person I can look up to . After th divorce of my parents at the age of 8 I could no longer be a child, my mom lost all sense of responsibility and relied on me to do everything, and my dad would vent to me about how bad everything was, so this song reminds me of loosing my childhood

Beautiful and meaningful | Reviewer: Heartbroken | 9/6/10

When I first heard this song by Sarah Brightman I could relate to it by the death of my father. Now recently losing my sister it also fits in with how I'm feeling and the words are so apt. It made me cry first time round, 2nd, 3rd 4th and more. A beautiful and heart wrenching song...thank you Mr Webber x

Love this song. | Reviewer: unknownpersonality | 11/7/09

I love this song. It's so beautiful and sad. This song makes me think of my grandma, who died a couple months ago, so now this song makes me cry, but that's okay.

It seems like music helps me express my emotions better than words can.

Very touching and emotional ... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/11/05

I have lost both my parents a few years ago, and on hearing this song, just seem to jolt my memories back to them even though I try hard to forget the pain of losing and try not to cry ..... Well, this song sure made me cry like a big baby everytime I play it. heheheh. But in a way, it helps me to overcome and to carry on my life ..... a lovely song sung by a wonderful singer!

A Beautiful Song... | Reviewer: Angel | 2/11/05

After losing my father in May 2004... my mum and I went to see the Phantom of The Opera movie 2 weeks ago and when Christine sang this song in the graveyard of her father, I really could relate to every word she sang and shed a few tears of my own.

This is a really beautiful song..!