SUNG BY AMIRA WILLIGHAGEN | Reviewer: atormar | 12/4/14

Child singer Amira Willighagen also makes a very beautyfull version of this great song. You can find it in her CD. Although she is only ten years old she is up to the bests singers.

More Dramatic Version | Reviewer: Steve Miller | 7/29/14

I'm definately a fan of the song and while I believe Sarah does a good job my favorite by far is Russell Watson. He really "Brings it" as a strong operatic tenor voice. He does it with a stronger voice and an excellent orchestral accompaniment. You will find it on his Ultimate Collection Album.

Don't forget about | Reviewer: Sofía | 11/28/12

I just want to add to all of your wise words that another version of the song, originally called "Gabriel's oboe" of Ennio Morricone; it's Jackie Evancho's rendition to it. I hope you are able to listen to it, it's an angelical delight.

Must not forget | Reviewer: Tor-Aksel | 10/28/12

I feel that i have to say there is one more person than sarah who sings this amizingly. A norwegian singer called Jan Werner Danielsen had the most amazing voice in the world, angelic as well. He sung this song and u will find it on spotify with him go check it out.

The other side of the coin | Reviewer: Larry Repass | 6/12/09

We must not forget that Enrico Morricone wrote the music, which by itself is a fantastic experience to hear. From the soundtrack of the movie "The Mission", I put this piece on repeat and never tire of it. Sarah, of course, heard it also and convinced Morricone to allow her to put words to it and sing it. The touching music, adding her touching voice, made it a double blessing.

prayers for others | Reviewer: Rick robison | 6/18/08

I really feel sorry for those whom are not moved to tears by such stunning music. When I get to heaven I know that I will recognise the angels singing,as I have allready heard one on this earth. And that Angels name is Sarah Brightman. I thank God for giving Sarah such an Angelic voice, and I thank Sarah for using this gift for our joy and His edification. I will pray for all those who are not moved when music such as this pass thru thier lives.

Nella Fantasia | Reviewer: Marine | 5/31/08

Personnally, I think that Celtic Woman version is better than Brightman's... Sarah have a voice too particular, and Chloë Agnew's voice is pure, angelical... this song is closer to the dream than Brightman's version... In my opinion, obviously.
More, I hate Brightman's Nella Fantasia because I find his voice too much exagerated, caricaturally operatic... Sorry for the Sarah's fans...

Nella Fantasia | Reviewer: Alds | 10/21/07

the song is too comforting, I can never ever imagine someone else be singing it, I am a devoted fan of Sarah, I first heard her in 1997 I suppose, and today I already have all her music. Thank you for your divine voice Sarah, it puts me to peaceful sleep... I wish one day I could hear you sing in person, but I know it's not going to happen. But I already have you...on my ipod, that itself is already a guaranteed blessing.

Eargasm | Reviewer: Don Miller | 6/7/06

I've adored Sarah Brightman since I first heard her perfect voice. To meet her is my grandest fantasy. She is indeed the best singer in the world and worthy to be called the angel of music. Sarah I love you.