Friends for life | Reviewer: Okpom Gospel J. | 2/26/14

'AMIGOS PARA SIEMPRE' what a wonderful and awesome love duet performed by beautiful voices. Each time i listen to this song, i always feel the power of not just love but, Real and Undefiled Love. God bless Sarah and José.

amigos para siempre | Reviewer: adams princewill | 12/5/12

a wonderful performance by this two wonderful people. Its d most beautiful duet and touching with words full of feelings and wholesomeness. I thank God i did listened to dis, now i can still connect my best friend any where in d world

Wanderfuk | Reviewer: cedomir cvetković | 8/23/11

wANSERFULJust wanderful!Amigos para siempre is the direst song and lyrics i ever herd. I can listen it several times during a day and always feel that i would like to cry out of strong feelings.We all need friend para siempre. What a wonderful voices1

Brings back such memories | Reviewer: mk | 5/19/10

This song is so incredibly powerful and touching. I was my "song" with my best friend/first love. We hadn't spoken in 13 years, and we recently got back in touch. He reminded me about "amigos para siempre" and how we will always be connected and I came to find the lyrics...I was immediately moved right back to that time!

tres bien | Reviewer: Claudia | 12/16/08

This song have really wonderful message.
I heard this song yesterday, in a Symphony Orchestra in my town. It's performed very well, and heard this song very wonderful,i'm looking for this in internet.. Really touching..

Amics per sempre | Reviewer: Major Mike | 9/27/08

Amics per sempre - a love that cannot end. Alice and I.
We just returned from two weeks in Guatemala, and while in Antigua I saw and photographed a very sweet mural on the wall of a school playground of "Amigos papa siempre."
I'll post the picture on my blog:
Today as I drove amongst the redwoods on these northern California hills overlooking the Pacific, I played this most beautiful of songs in this most beautiful of settings, a masterpiece made of sight and sound.

Incredibly Beautiful! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/11/07

I am a man who is deeply in love with a beautiful female opera and classical singer. She is incredibly beautiful in mind, heart, soul, and spirit, as well as physically. She is not Sarah Brightman or any other well-known vocalist. However, she has sung this song on numerous occasions, and her rendition absolutely destroys me. She has so many connections to this song, and she embodies so many of the great romantic dreams that I associate with it. She is like a gift from God.

Amigos Para Siempre | Reviewer: rosana | 9/1/07

Wow what a wonderful song. Sarah And Jose make a good pair an they also hve wnderful voices but this song is also dedicated to those who have friends and that they last for ever and also the love which lasts for ever!!!


amigos | Reviewer: ricardo | 5/14/07

A beautiful perfomed by two greats voices Sara and Jose .Not only a song but also a way to see the others . saludoa amigos

Amigos para siempre | Reviewer: Tom Cole | 5/11/07

This is such a great song.
Sarah and Jose sound so good together.

Amigos para siempre | Reviewer: Danuta | 9/27/06

It's the most dramatic song ever. None of duets maches the duet of Sarah Brightman and Jose Carreras.

great | Reviewer: trier | 5/1/05

i think it's the greatest song i've ever heard.