Mexican Fan | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/12/2008

Wow! I love this beautiful song. And that song remains me that my kids must be always my babies in good or bad times. Congratulations that song open my eyes and my heart too.

Sorry if there's any error in spell or grammar. English is not easy for me.
Thank you.

I LUV THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Chelle | 11/20/2007

Sara Evans has a really good singing voice! I am going to sing this song at my school's book fair and I only wish I could sing as good as her.

Sara you are the Best! | Reviewer: Melissa | 11/11/2007

I can truly relate to this song. It is as if you had wrote it about me. From when I was a little girl, to woman, to motherhood. When I look at my now 18 year old son, I remember thinking when he was about two years old, "I'll never let you down, my little man!" With the Grace of God, I have not.

You'll Always Be My Baby | Reviewer: | 10/17/2007

One of most beautiful songs Sara has done. I have her CD with all her greatest hits.. Fantastic.. What a beautiful voice.. She puts her whole heart into every song.... Keep upthe wonderful work Sara...

Outstanding Song!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: kate | 10/14/2007

Sara did such a great job and I think she has the most beautiful voice. I love so many of her other songs like "as if". I hope she keeps it up and makes many more great songs!

I LOVE THIS SONG! | Reviewer: Kristin | 8/17/2007

SARA! u are the BEST singer EVER! i listen to this song EVERYDAY adn like 5 times a day probably MORE! i jsut love you adn this song! it is really touchign and i hope this song helps me when i grow up!

This song is amazing! | Reviewer: Karolyn | 7/14/2007

Omg this is the best country song in the whole world! its amazing! Sara you are the best singer and you are beautiful just like this song!

WOW GREAT SONG!!!!! | Reviewer: Kristy | 7/11/2007

I love this song because I understand it through what I've gone through. You need to keep singing Sara because I love your voice and music. Thanks because I love to sing to your music. You're my inspiration.

about this song you'll always be my baby performed by Sara Evans | Reviewer: sherlene | 6/17/2007

i watch CMT every moring , and the frist time when
i say sara evans song you always be my baby ths song bring tears to my eye. i think this sons was welled down and welled put togeather,sera from a singer and also a writer belive me girl well down.
keep up the good work and remember put god frist and everything come after.

heart touching | Reviewer: Anita Ratliff | 5/23/2007

Sara, i just wanted to thank you for this song.
I have a son (19) and a daughter (15). My son has been through a lot in his young life. In every situation I would hug him and tell him that no matter what he did, or how bad it was, there was nothing he could do to make me not love him and that he would always be my baby. Now he is in the Army and in Iraq not far from Baghdad. After he had been there a little while, he told me not to worry that he was a grown man and not my little baby any more. i cried and told him I loved him and he would always be my baby. So, you can see why this is my favorite song. Thank you so much.