I Love this song!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/13/2007

this is a great song. i get depressed ALOT and when ever i'm down i think of the song and it always pulls me threw because i know that my mom feels the same way about this song. Thanx Sarah! you probably saved my life!

I Love dis Song | Reviewer: Dannie | 5/11/2007

I saw da music video while i was waitin to leave for school 1 day, and just listen to the song, i started to cry. Its so touching, i just want to say i love your song

Why i like this song!!! | Reviewer: jessica | 5/10/2007

i loved this song, for somereason it really ment a lot to me. it was one of the best songs i have ever heard of her's. IT THE BEST SONG EVER!!! GREAT JOB SARA!!!

Youo'll Always Be my baby | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/8/2007

I really love the song, and so does my daughter. She is 22 and we are so close. Christina had her first child, a little girl last July. This is her first mothers day... and in honor of my daughter and my granddaughter, and what the Lord and his forgiveness means to me, I have re-written some of the lyrics to blend with our family. This Sunday is baby dedication at my daughter's church when she & her husband will publically dedicate thier daughter back to the Lord, and at that dedication I am going to sing ... You'll always be my baby... Thank you Sara for this wonderful song and the inspiration it has given to me, my daughter, and hopefully someday ... my precious granddaughter, Haylee.
May God Bless You.

WOW! | Reviewer: Morgan | 4/7/2007

I recently watched the music video for this and i cried. If you are reading this you need to watch the music video! THANK YOU SO MUCH SARA! YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN, A WONDERFUL SONG WRITER AND AN AMAZING SINGER!

ah-mazing song! | Reviewer: Danielle | 3/8/2007

I heard this song this morning on CMT when i was getting ready for school. Then i had it stuck in my head for the whole day, and when i came home i downloaded it. I just can't stop listening to it because it is soo good.
Thanks Sarah!!
This is definately your best song so far! :)

It just hits home so hard! | Reviewer: C. Brian Martin | 2/28/2007

Every once in a while a song comes along that just hits me so hard I cry every time I hear it. This is one of them, in that I was raised with that kind of love and I feel that way and tell my two children every chance I get. Someday, when they are older (4 & 6 now) I will use the words of this song to let my children know, because I so clearly see the difference in being raised with that understanding versus the opposite (the way my wife was raised).

I love the song | Reviewer: Rosemary | 2/17/2007

Great Song. I plan to put it in my collection for my son's Video for Graduation.


I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH! | Reviewer: Allie Wilburn | 2/8/2007

I love this song so much because it is touching and if you really listen to it you will understand the song.
Thank you so much Sarah!

Touching! | Reviewer: Nicole | 1/20/2007

You can feel Sara's feelings coming through the lyrics. It reaches out and touches your heart no matter who you are. I dare you to listen to this song and not cry!