PERFECT | Reviewer: Bill Edgeworth | 12/7/2005

Sara Evans has more talent in her left pinky finger than most artists have in their entire being. She has the voice of many Heavenly Angels. God made her as close to PERFECT as he possible could to show us all that we have potential even in this world. She is a Christian and doesn't mind you knowing it. She loves her husband and children as a REAL Christian should. She has struggled with life and knows how hard life can be, however, she shows no sign of defeat in her life. I believe that that is the way God intended for us to present our light to the world. We are to show the world that Life is good and living it is even better. How would anyone ever want to live life if life was always a downer and never a source of Hope. Sara shows that Hope in her everyday life. I Love Her, as CHRIST JESUS would have me Love Her, and if you would get to know her and listen to her and watch her you would have Hope and learn to live too. I wish her and her entire family the very best in life. I thank her for the light she has shone in mine. GOD BLESS YOU SARA EVANS

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