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Songs | Reviewer: Amber Jevons | 7/14/11

Hey if your readings this then thanks

I love all your songs and how they are about people's life and how they are so meaningful. You are my idol I have always wanted to be a singer. Your voice is amazing I wish I could sing like you. I loved to meet you in person. Keep up the good work :) And maybe one day I will meet you xxx

great artist | Reviewer: beebarc | 8/7/09

there something so powerfull about all of her lyrics, about her music, how she can make you relate to all of this situations she describes in her songs and i think that's what makes her such a great artist, great musician, and i absolutely love that she's so down to earth. i've been listening to her for almost 3 years, and i just can not get enough of her, she's been such a great inspiration for me, as a writer (only write to myself though) so thanks sara for all these great music... =P

AMAZING GIRL WITH LOADS OF TALENT! | Reviewer: Liliana | 9/13/07

I absolutely love Sara Bareilles. After purchasing 3 of her top hits on iTunes just a couple months ago (Gravity, Love Song, and Bottle It Up) I am one of her biggest fans. She has my kind of range too. She's an alto, as it sounds like, but she has an amazing range. It's outstanding that she taught herself chords growing up. I've had 6-7 years of piano, and I'm at least 10 years younger than her. I love SARA! She is so musically talented and I'm so glad she released her album, Little Voice. It's so amazingly awesome :)

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