Perfection. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/21/12

My friend and I are trying out for Americas Got Talent.
We're making a video right now that will be our audition
Tape. The last two days, we have been searching for a
Song. I heard this playing in the restaurant we ate at
For lunch, and thought this was perfect. I have been on
This page since then memorizing this.

good song :) | Reviewer: Marin Karns | 4/21/11

It is a very good song you can feel the compassion and feeling in her voice as she sings the lyrics. It is very punctual and i find it brilliant. She is a very talented woman and i hope she continues to make many more good songs in the future. :)

Anonymous | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/1/10

I wouldn't normally listen to music from the genre that this song is classed in, but I decided I'd listen to it one day. So I did, and I was like... WOW. Everything about this song is great. And her voice is amazing. iTunes has this song under 'Pop' But, I think thats wrong, as pop is normally just mass-produced rubbish, with electronic voices, or edited voices. I know somebody's going to say something about how pop isn't just that, But really, I'm entitled to my own opinion, just as much as you. But yeah, This song is good, and it's one I could actually listen to on repeat, singing along to it!

holy crap! | Reviewer: miranduh821 | 4/5/08

i absolutly used to HATE this song with a passion. everyone'd be like "ZOMG! ITS LE LOVE SONG!" nd i'd be like w/e.
then. i tried playing it on the piano. and i did. and now im like.. slowly falling in love with it. lol.
it is actually a pretty good song.
i just found it annoying at first.
not now.

we really dont know | Reviewer: potsy | 4/5/08

i like the song hard for me to say but she ends up reapeating her self to much the chorus is over used but hey i am not the one with the 500 million$ record deal now am i....
i thoguht not.
but the point is music is more intresting if its chorus is kept down i have the song but i rarely finsih it cause well it kinda gets boaring after the thosanth time she exclaims she isent writeing anybody a love song. which brings something up.. record companys sometimes force artists to put out love songs so they can make money of it and all the other songs that raelly matter to the artist are overlooked. great job on the song sarah.

haha i love this | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/22/08

she actually wrote this song to the record company, because they wanted her to write a love song for her album. isnt that odd? once i found that out, i noticed that, yes, it does sound like that, lol.

finally a love song for the "I just can't live by your rules" set | Reviewer: 12 dogs and a blog | 3/3/08

I really like this song. It's up beat. To the point. Pragmatic. It's the mentally healthy real relationship song. Not the angsting over if they leave song. It is a "Well if you've got to leave I guess you should. I'll miss ya, but I am just not going to beg you to stay" song. Nice.

OMG AMAZING!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/8/08

Wow! This song TOTALY beats my old favorite song. Cum On Feel The Noize was my absolute favorite for 5 years, but Sara blew me away! Now Sara's Love Song is myy new favorite song and Sara Bareilles is my new fav artist! Go Sara!

softballchick11 | Reviewer: softballchick11 | 1/25/08

sara has such an awesome voice and the song on her debut record just brings out the best in her ;) all the luck in the world to her!! great job on the song

love it, love it, love it :D | Reviewer: softballchick11 | 1/25/08

amazing song!! love it!! its the kind of song that you listen to over and over again and never get tired of :) it brings you from being down to being happy and is a great song to listen to to wind down :P great job on the song and lots of luck in the future:]

love it! | Reviewer: rachel | 1/15/08

this is just an example of a GREAT song! :) i just love it. its catchy and she can sing. this is one of those songs that makes me want to sing along and be happy :p

MY FAVORITE SONG | Reviewer: Aaron | 1/14/08

This is my favorite song right now. Its very intimate and the music is just awesome. I find that the absence of percussion in the song is just what it gives it a nice flow....And Sara can blow!!!!

Love this song | Reviewer: Kristen | 1/12/08

I love this I've only heard this song once but ever since I first heard it I've been dying to hear it again and I've been trying to find the cd to hear more of her songs but I haven't found it yet. What I really like about the song is that truly shows that guys just aren't worth all the trouble to try and keep even if there bound to leave anyways.....the beats good, the lyrics rock, and I just love the whole thing.

Love it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/7/08

I loved this song when I first heard it about a month ago and I've been waiting for it to get old....I still love it and now that I have read the lyrics, I see it has real depth.....Way to go S Bareilles!

amazing!!! | Reviewer: orangeeee | 1/9/08

the first time i heard this song, i immediately loved it!! and plus Sara has an AMAZING voice!! after i heard this song, it was stuck in my head the rest of the day!!!