:D | Reviewer: kayyy | 1/3/08

so i was watching tv. and i heard this song. It has such a catchy toon. Every time the song came on i tried to see the name so i could listen to the whole song but it switched to soon. One day my cousin came over and she told me that she wanted me to listen to a song, it was this one i was so happy because i really wanted to hear it. i lovvvvvvvvve this song. it is great, and she has an amazing voice. i have listen to this song a million times! she is going to make it big and she dosnt look like the type of person to let fame go to her head and thats good :]

lOvE It!!! | Reviewer: stA | 12/30/07

Its the rhapsody commercial & before that commercial I had never heard it...I'm absolutely in love with this song...watch out colbie this girl can sing!!!

Love Song Comments | Reviewer: Emmali | 12/29/07

omg i heard a part of this song on some commercial and i had to find it. it took me like three days to get her name because they switch to another artist so quick. but i really do love this song it's really great and i'm happy that there are artist like her because her type of voice is really needed in the music business!!! i wish her all types of success~!!!

im in love w. love song | Reviewer: Ariel | 12/29/07

this song is amazing. my friend had it on their profile on myspace and i listened to it and had to keep listening to it. it makes me feel better when i listen to it. great song. i love it. cant wait to see what her next song will be. =D.

Love Song!! XD YAY!! | Reviewer: Erikaa | 12/15/07

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! I love Sara Bareilles she's naturally pretty and extremely talented! I'm so excited she's on tour! I love this song particulary because I feel alot better after listening to it it's upbeat and melodic also extremely cheery :D! Great Job!!

love love song | Reviewer: concha | 12/10/07

I heard a fragment of this song on a commercial and had to find it. Once I heard it completely...i fell head over heels! Sara reminds me of Sarah M and Amy Grant at the same time...and that's a hard combo to get. I can't wait to see what she does next!