Correction only but critival | Reviewer: Gigette | 11/14/12

All these sites have a critical lyric wrong I think. It changes the meaning of the line and maybe the song:

I can't CONTEND YOU pretending to choose.

He's the one faking it, not her.

Listen carefully, she has beautiful diction, you can't help but hear it this way. I doubt many use this word in this way and not use to hearing it.

This song is the current state of my life. | Reviewer: Annie | 7/25/09

This song is about when you truly realize what you knew all along. They're cheating. You don't want to admit it, because you can't. You don't want to ask because you know the answer you'll hear is not the one you'll like. It's no longer between the lines, it's obvious. But you love them so much, you can't let go. It's too late. He's gone. This song is less about "how dare he cheat on me" and more about "I can't believe he's gone. This must not be real" You love them too much to be angry. You love them too much to let go. But you have to.

Interpretation? | Reviewer: Maggie | 4/1/08

I think this song is about holding on when you know it's too late. It's about a cheating lover whose significant other knows what's going on, but can't admit it to him or herself. It's about feeling trapped in a relationship. I have a hard time putting into words all the emotion I think this song carries. What are everyone else's opinions?

Piano Pop! | Reviewer: Jax | 3/9/08

Most people tend to overlook the rest of Little Voice, just because Love Song is such a big hit, but the whole CD is really amazing. As I told my best friend when trying to explain Sara Bareilles to her, it's "piano pop."

This is my current favorite song (I listen to music all day long so it generally changes every few days) and I was kinda surprised nobody had left a "review" for it yet. Honestly, these things aren't really reviews...they're interesting anecdotes, "OMG THIS SONG IS AMAZING!!!!!!", or "ths band sux." Anyway, I get to see her in concert next month, and I'm definitely going to be looking forward to her singing this song.