Background voice of 2nd verse | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/16/07

yes that is a voice that you hear, and all though it sounds like a womans voice it is actually cove singing in his high voice and it is amazing. and so are they live!

Help me | Reviewer: Becky | 6/14/07

I had never really listened to much by these till i cam across this song. It is amazing. At the time i had found it i was struggling alot and felt know-one understood me or was there for me to turn to. This is the song that made me realise i wasnt alone and helped me move on. And his voice is just amazing. It gave me the strength to get up and carry on with my life

About the song You're Not Alone performed by Saosin | Reviewer: Elli | 6/13/07

I love this song...
But I have to admit I don't think you can go past Anthony Green's voice...
It's so different and I think I prefer it to Cove.
But I still love Saosin til the end.

i agree with cathy | Reviewer: anonymous | 6/12/07

i agree with cathy about the way the lead singer says "know" in the chorus because it is really addictive...and I love Saosin
also to the person who lost their wife, i'm very sorry. I dont know what it feels like to lose someone close to me but I imagine it is very hard. Again i'm very sorry.
i cant wait until projekt revolution

Question: | Reviewer: Katherine. | 6/11/07

Can anyone translate this song for me? When I say translate, I mean give it to me in other words. Explain it, I guess. Please. If you will, please do it by either email of myspace, my url is Thank you. C:

GREAT VOCAL LINE | Reviewer: Florian R. | 6/10/07

I heard that song on a myspace profile...
My girlfriend left me and I feel like I will never ever love a girl the way I loved her.
But this song gives me something like a positive sight on things and I think one day I will overcome this state.
The vocalline in the refrain is so great. Everytime I hear it, it rips my heart out^^
It's sad but also encouraging...
I love this song

BEST EVER | Reviewer: Eden | 6/9/07

my friend showed me this song.
and now im in love with the song..
and the band..

they make me happy.

.....!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/6/07

omg i love this song. its one of my favs....i just love when he sings ''your not alone, there is more to this i know...'' its so addicting, i dont know how he does it but he does. i feel soo sad and happy at the same time, (sad cuz my bf just broke up w/ me & we dated 4 like 2 years....)and( happy cuz it helps me get over him and our old relationship... god it makes sooo fu**in sad & depressed every time i think about it :( ) oh well i stilll LOVE this song!!!!!



great performance | Reviewer: lean | 6/7/07

saosin is one of my fav foreign rock band.i really like there new song "ur not alone" cool!!!

i know! i know pick me! | Reviewer: amber | 6/4/07

ello person that review about the 'she's just like him.' verse! yes i think i can answer you question! i actually think it's one of the guys singing really high in the background. hope i helped. anywho i love saosin. when i heard ' voices' i loved them. and know this song makes me feel so great inside. what's better tha n someone telling you that you're not alone and there is more to this. thanks Saosin for EVERYTHING! loves yas very much for ever.

Porque | Reviewer: porque? | 6/3/07

this song helps me a lot. right now I'm going to the next level in life. its scary and somehow it helps me through it. and for the person who lost his wife. its okay. theres always ALWAYS a silver lining, no matter wat.

<3 saosin!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/31/07

this is like the best song from them i can listen to it over and over!!!!!

AWESOME | Reviewer: charles | 5/31/07

THIS IS AN AWESOME SONG i don't know why but when he said's alone it is the best part

you're not alone | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/29/07

love this song.
i think that's just an effect of the mic.
not sure, but i doubt its a female voice

its just you | Reviewer: derek | 5/30/07

no... if you have heard any of the other songs this band or any other of its contemporaries (cartel, senses fail, RJA, the scene aesthetic), then you might hear two voices singing. one is the lead singer (the higher one) and one is the guitarist (the normal one). try listening to beauty in the breakdown and youll know what i mean.