Your not aloneee ♥ | Reviewer: Ruby | 11/6/10

Hey im Ruby , im 13 &'dd im suicial im not sure if this song hass helped meh buh fur waht i see iht hass helpt aloht of people sometimeees i still feel ouht of place even when ive heard thiss songg Billionsss of times . buht in some way iknow im not alonee . even if i feel as if im No one in dis worldd . Life sucqks buh i guess we have to live wiht iht ... <3 Fav sonqqg by tha way ♥ Saosin They have helped meh in ah way .

if you live with HIM, you'll never lost yourself on darkness | Reviewer: gabrielle anne | 11/2/10

..hi i'm gab... and this song really means so special to me.. well its because i like the message of the lyrics..and the one who delivers the song...i've start to love at 14, but my love life seems to be a failure...many times..and i said not to love again..but only thing who cheered me up is my faith to God that He is the one holding me still even though how many times i failed Him...we should know that Gd will never leave us no matter what,, and He'll be the one who would make you feel stronger if you only allow Him to be the center of your life.. God Bless You all...♥

ALL ALONE | Reviewer: broken-wings | 10/13/10

hey everyone . . its really sad song
i love this song . . so much . . caz now i feel alone i dont have anyone to speak with and understand meh and listen 2 me . . will im gonna write my story . . my dad always cheat on my mam . . and with many womans and with one of my mams friends . . and i cant sleep just hearing them fighting and my mom crying . . and its really hard that i cant do anything . . i tryed to kill myself so many times. . and i dont really have best friend so i feel like im all alone . . and one day i fall in love with a boy who dont love me he always say i love u and he was a LIER ! ! he chated on me and he leave me broken heart . . he was my first love and the last . . and after 1 month he died . . and i was all ALONE . . then i heard this song its really beautiful song . . im 16 years old . . and im all alone . . but when i hear this song . . i know im wrong

Needing someone who isn't there | Reviewer: Adrienne | 9/15/10

This morning 9-15-10 i was listening to my ipod and came across this song. I've listened to it over and over again, I would say this is by far the best song that i have ever listened to! Recently, A good friend lost her mom, little sister, and little brother in a house fire. She's blaming herself for what happened and no matter what, THINGS ARE MEANT TO HAPPEN FOR A REASON! God isn't punishing you by any means, he's only making you stronger, never look to death as the way out. Just like this song says YOUR NOT ALONE, there is always another person out there feeling the same way, seek God and his heavenly name for support, if you feel like nothing in life is going right look up to him and he will give you strength just have FAITH! Things get worst before they ever get better but with God anything is possible, YOU WILL MAKE IT THROUGH WHATEVER Keep your heads up and look up to the King JESUS CHRIST YOUR NEVER ALONE!

No your not alone | Reviewer: George | 8/22/10

I heard about this band just from listing to music, i just want to tell you guys that this song has save, that the reason you herd this song was God calling to you and telling you that your never alone and that he will always be there whenever you need him.

This song means a lot | Reviewer: Bryan | 8/7/10

You guys have sad stories and it's the same situation for me I'm 14 I hate my life everyone hates me I'm not supposed to be living me and my bros were all accidents I've been in jail twice and I run away like every month cuz I'm sick of my dumb family I can't stand it when my bros beat me up everyday and my mom screams at me 24/7 for doing abosolutly nothing!! This song is awesome I always feel like giving up on life but when I hear your not alone it makes me feel so much better thank you saosin

Dear Music, I Love You. | Reviewer: Rachel | 7/15/10

Once upon a time, I was sitting in the car with my brother and our long time family friend.
We were on our way to pick up my other brother from the airport.
I put on Saosin (Seven Years, I think it was), when our friend said he wanted to listen to "that one song by them that connects with everyone and has the cool voice overs. The one that gives you goose bumps."
"You're Not Alone?"
I smiled.
We all sang to it.
It felt nice.

Rachel B.
15 years old

move. | Reviewer: Charis | 7/12/10

I had to move before my senior year. I moved from Texas to Georgia. I lived in Texas for 16 years in the same house and I hardly traveled out of state, and my parents made me move in the summer before senior year. I have cried everyday since I got here and I have shut down and I feel alone, but when I listen to this song and read the stories of others it gives me hope.

This song changed my life | Reviewer: saosin forever | 7/9/10

So when I was 14 I was going through a really hard time in my life. I did a bunch of bad things and it got so bad the the cops raided my dads house because they were afraid for "safety". Nobody talked to me and I just wanted to end it. The day before I attempted suicide I was sitting with a friend who was listening to this song I heard the chorus and it sounded pretty good. The police showed up ten minutes later in front of everybody and I was put in the back of a cop car in handcuffs in front of everyone. they drove me to the hospital for a phsyc evaluation. The next day that same friend stopped by and gave me his ipod, said that there was something I needed to here. so as a set up the neus I put his ipod on shuffle. and that song came on. When I heard Your Not Alone I started crying and took down the neus. Im 16 now and for my 16th birthday I got to go to a saosin concert and afterwards I met the band. I am getting the beetle tattooed. They are my favorite band ever and I wouldnt be here today without them. thanks guys I love you all

You're not alone | Reviewer: Patsi | 5/10/10

This is one of the only songs I have ever stopped and just cried cause of what I've done to myself in the past. I'm 16 and I've tried to kill myself over 13 times. The first time I ever heard this song I was getting ready to cut, then i heard him sing the chorus. I'm proud to say that was over 3 years ago. However, I have since then tried to kill myself but if it weren't for this song, I would be all alone..

His Baby Gurl | Reviewer: Samantha Young | 4/29/10

I love this song. I saw yall at project revalution. It was so awsome. I love all of yalls music. But your not alone is my favorite. It means alot to me. It made me realize. It dont matter what people think. If you love some one you cant help it. Thanx for helping me realize it. I love you guys.

Love your biggest fan samantha

hmm, i think i like this. | Reviewer: ashlee | 4/21/10

ive heard of saosin for awhile and i really think they know what they are singing. "Your Not Alone", is by far my favorite song on the album, ive cried and ive laughed listening to the song. it actually means something that might've or will happen to someone, it helped me realize that there is someone who really cares and understands what someone is going through, and that i could'nt just give up whenever something went wrong. ive been inspired by there songs and lyrics and they absolutley inspire me! lots of people never really say this but, thank you (: you HAVE made my life better<3

My story, I want somebody to kno. | Reviewer: fresquez | 4/10/10

Today is 4.10.10 My name is Gaige Fresquez I'm 16 years young my dad left me when I was 3 my single mom raised me on her own along wit my lil sister. I've grown so attached to then because of everything we've been through. I've been in the court system of Utah for 2 1/2 years now all for schoo/truancy I had never really started to do good until the beginning of this year., last month 3.10.10 I went to court with a good feeling, I ended up in Slate Canyon Youth Center a.k.a. dt or juvi. I wasn't there for long I was released on 3.17.10 but when I was released I wasn't released to my mama, I was released to my caseworker. She took me to a fosterhome where I'm currently at I have no contact wit my mother at all nor my sister or any other family, I'm 2 hours away from where I used to live. I haven't even talked to them since the 10th before we walked in the court room. I felt like the biggest failure I've attempted suicide by taking ambien like skittles almost died in the middle of the street but got lucky. Tried once and once no more, this nurse at the hospital told me about this song, I do listen and love it I dunno when I'll be able to see my family or girl but I kno i really am not alone. If this song can help me, it can help anybody in a bad situation nobody is alone I kno that and this will probably never be read but kno that I have suffered alot I lost alot of time in my teenage years but no matter what I go through I kno that I'm not alone as should everybody else. Thank you Saosin for a life changing song I'm very freatful for it.

it is helping me | Reviewer: brandon | 4/8/10

i made a big mistake against my girlfriend and we where togather for 1year and 1 month. being christian i have come to repentance and im the one that told her what happened. i want to sing this song to her.
but this song is helping me

befor this song and all my suport i didnt eat for around 3 days

i lost 11 pounds in about 2 days

i was a wreck
but as a christian man i do believe that God will show me the way and what i need to do

ughh. | Reviewer: britttttanyy! | 3/24/10

when i first heard this song i balledd, my bessttfriend told me to listen to it so i did. i balled my eyes out, because the boy i have been in love with for years moves so far away i cant even seee him untill the summer when he comes and vists.. it sucks but this song kinda made it better when i lisen too it a couple more times..<3