Reviews for You're Not Alone Lyrics

Performed by Saosin

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my life | Reviewer: wtfcrusnik | 8/21/07

my life didnt matter until this song i really wanted to go to sleep and not wake up in the moring but once i heard this song i realized i really wasnt alone but i hop this song reaches down to the hearts of so many more people becuase before this i had a big black hole for my life and soul and i never thought anything but the one i love.......... could change me from what i acctually am.

The most sensitive song I've Heard....It really does get to you | Reviewer: Alyssa | 8/18/07

Oh god where do I start? Well a friend of mine got me to start listening to Saosin. And the song I first heard from them was You're Not Alone. I love the music video, its really quite good. This is one of my favorite songs. Oh yeahh add me on Myspace!

FREAKING LOVING THIS SONG MAN! | Reviewer: Bec! | 8/19/07

I absoulutly LOVE this song! its the freakinb best! i listen to it every day and every night! i just can't get enought of it! LOVE YOU SAOSIN! LOVE YOU SONG!

<3 | Reviewer: Helena | 8/15/07

Ahh I love this song so much! I found it on YouTube to a My Chemical Romance tribute, and I find it makes me feel so much better and inspired. A lot of times, I feel alone [as I am the official social outcast of my grade] but with this song...ahh, it makes me feel so much better, and I love it!!

beautiful | Reviewer: lucee | 8/15/07

this song is beautiful, one of my best friends showed it to me because she knew I was going through a rough time. And the situation I am in, I barely see her anymore, I miss her alot and owe everything I go tto her. This song reminds me of her and tends to put a smile on my face.

so true | Reviewer: Ivan | 8/12/07

Thx to this song i get the fuck up every fucking day theres more to this i know i will live to tell FUCK YEAH!!!!

THIS IS SO COOL!! | Reviewer: Carson | 8/11/07

That song blew my pants off! It's so good, the beat, ryhtem! THE LYRICS! GOD! Saosin is so cool. I lover them

soasin | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/9/07

holy crap this song is amazing. it didn't change my life because my life is good but this is definately one of my favorite songs and band!

really good song | Reviewer: Justin | 8/7/07

this song has really good lyrics and everyone goes threw tough times but you should use the help of people close to you to get threw it

this song rox my sox! | Reviewer: Alicia | 8/7/07

I love this song so much. I was like really depressed a while ago and I was about to commit suicide, but then this song came on the radio (It was the first time I had ever heard it) It gave me hope, so I'm still alive today! So in a way i kinda owe Saosin my life.

Thank You Saosin, you guys rock!

Best song ever! | Reviewer: Meg | 8/6/07

I love this song.
It pretty much tells the story of my life right now.
And every time I hear it, I just am like amazed... I can never get tired of this song.
Its amazing...and I cant stop listening to it.
Its my Myspace song, my ringtone, away message on aim, and yeah. I can go on more for what it is, but I won't bore anyone.
But yeah,
This song is just amazing.

The BEST | Reviewer: Lacy Noll | 8/5/07

this song is amazing.. love the melody, the words, EVERYTHING.. 10 thumbs up for the artists and songwritters.. :D

i lov this song!!!! | Reviewer: amber | 8/5/07

this song is the best it taught me that im really not alone and that there are other people out there in this world that have problems other than me so this song really got to me! there are people in th world that are alone and they sould listen to this song i was one of those people who tought they were alone with no one who cared about then but when i heard tis song it really got me thinkin that im not the only person who has problems!so this song changed me and saved me a well!!to all those people out there!YOU'RE NOT ALONE THERES MORE TO THIS I KNOW YOU CAN MAKE IT OUT YOU WILL LIVE TO TELL! this sng changed the whole way i look at life so THANK YOU!!!!

i hope with all my heart | Reviewer: stefanie | 8/5/07

i really really, really like these awsomely hott dudes. they are very very very inspiring. i just really really really hope with all of my heart that i will get to go to one of their concerts one day, and get backstage passes so i can get to meet all of these awsomely hoot dudes. by the way great song, and keep up on the good lyrics to this song and your other song- voices- and your many more songs to come- well, i'm out- seeya

hells yes | Reviewer: pac | 8/4/07

great song, really good to see hopeful inspiring music instead of the much more depressingish lyrics in most of the music in their genre

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