Reviews for You're Not Alone Lyrics

Performed by Saosin

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listen here | Reviewer: call-eezy | 4/24/07

saosin is pretty good, and this song makes me cry so much. Probably because when I feel alone, it gives me the strength to get back up again.

lisa | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/20/07

sorry you lost your wife annonymus. but thats good that this song helps you move on. i ve been having some trouble lately and whenever i listen to this song it helps me move on too. : )

AMAZING SONG | Reviewer: amber | 4/19/07

from the beginning and
when their debut came out
i was soooo psyched, you're
not alone is one of the amazing
songs off that album!!cove's voice
is enough to make anyone melt...

I love u guysss<33


made me happy and sad at once | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/3/07

i just lost my wife and i feel so sad and lost. then i listen to this song, somehow it gives me strength to move on, but also makes me cry. Strange..

Anyway it's a great song..

Our Song! | Reviewer: Sara & My boo Ale' | 2/22/07

So like this is our song. I have green eyes, and supposalbly (whatever i cant spell) I'm spoiled rotten, and people spoon feed me lies? Hahahahh Idk, I just looked it up to see how much it applied to our relationship n shit. And Alex thinks you all are fags cause Saosin isn't 'screamo?' But what I'm wondering- is who the fuck would name their child 'Cathy?' Hahaha peace out mo fo's! :D Sara

Omgsh | Reviewer: Emma | 2/11/07

Saosin has not been top of my list, I think that the screamo is a bit much on the ears. But stuff like this and Voices are amazing.
They have real talent.

Sweet ass | Reviewer: manda | 2/12/07

i have fallen in love.. theres nothing reall much after that to say about this band...

i hope to see you in concert..soon..


Incredible Song | Reviewer: Cathy | 1/9/07

i didn't really like this band at first, but after listening around on my sister's ipod, i fell in love with them. this is one of the best songs ever. i love the "you're not alone, there is more to this i know" part of the song. the way the lead singer says know, is so addicting in some weird way, and i play it over and over again.

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