wow | Reviewer: SianTheEmoKid | 3/9/10

This song is amazing.
I first heard it a few days ago on a video about us emos and i really liked it so i looked up the lyrics and the result was this song.
I listened too it a few more times then i became addicted to it. This song has so much meaning to it and i love it so much i even have it on my phone lol. I'm currently learning the lyrics to this song so that i can sing along because i love to sing. So to whoever posted the emo video i watched, Thank you for using such a amazing song.

Saosin Is the Bestt <3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/24/10

this song is amazing on so many levels. reading all the reviews and stories and how this song got them through so much just makes me so happy there are bands like Saosin out there. Saosin is my favorite band and this is one of the reasons.. their songs have meaning to them..

Just wow... | Reviewer: The Fat Man | 2/11/10

I needed to hear this song 3 years ago when I was going through a tough time in my life. But even today this song helped me recover completely from what had happened. The best part of the song (to me at least) is when he says and I quote:
"You're not alone
There is more to this I know
You can make it out
You will live to tell"
That would have helped me a lot if I would have listened to it 3 years ago. Anywho Saosin rules, peace out. \/,,

please leave this song for what it is | Reviewer: chris | 2/7/10

Please leave this song for what it is this song is for those who bealiev they are alone in this world much like i did before i heard it for the first time live at the taste of chaos tour with 30 secs to mars but the point is please dont compaire this song to twilight this song is an inspirational song not a song for a movie of fictional characters it is for everyday people who are going through hardships no matter what it may be so please have some respect for this song it put me back on the road to success when i learned my mother was dieing and it still helps me this band may be one of the only emo bands i like but it is because they are a great band so please leave movies and books out of this and write a review of the song and your personal meanings to your life to this song and how it helped you through the times when you were lost and was looking for something some where.

I almost cried | Reviewer: Harley | 12/11/09

When I first heard this song, I was going through a tough time. Half of my family got broken apart and then I lost it frome there. Once that happened, I started cutting myself. I went to a hospital and once I got out, I started cutting again. Then one day, my girlfriend told me about this song and after that, I stopped hurting myself. I really do thank her for that, cuz I'd probably have ended up killing myself if she wasn't there.

Thanks Shannon

This Song | Reviewer: No ONe You Know | 12/8/09

well this song was amazing when they sang it live <3 just got to love the music.. Feeling allone? Shit u ain't that one song you're hearing who knows how many other people arond the world are hearing the same song <33 so please do always remember "you're not alone" regradless how bad shit may be going right now

New Moon | Reviewer: leiisha | 12/4/09

i like to think of this as jacobs song, from new moon, the new twilight movie. It makes me think of him every time i hear it. Its like jacob telling bella not to leave him. if you change 'he' to 'she' in the first verse, it even seems like it was written about the book. If you like new moon and you think thats like it, listen to All Around Me by Flyleaf. Its like Edward and Bella's relationship, in a song :)

great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/3/09

I was going thruu a really hard time, and my friend showed me this song. She was the first and only person that i went to, and told about my problems with addiction, and self-injury. Knowing that she was having the same problems, it made it easier to let it all out, it felt good to know that someone was listening to me, and understood me, just as well as i understood them. I loove her for showing me this song, its nice to listen to when im not feeling so great.

No One Is Alone Anymore | Reviewer: Kat =^^= | 11/22/09

The first time I heard this song, I was sad and feeling like I had no one there for me. Once I heard it, I knew that I still have all of my friends there for me. This song has given me back my faith, and I thank Saosin for this song.


wow | Reviewer: courtney agius | 11/2/09

before i heard this song i felt like no one understood me. once hearing this song i started thinking wait i have my friends and friends are all that matter to me. i never wanted to give it up for anything. whenever something happens to me and i feel alone i just put on this song and i feel like im not alone. i feel like this song is for me.

i'm a guitarest that is covering this song | Reviewer: nick | 10/22/09

our band is covering this song because we want people out there to know that your never alone and that people are always out there to help you no matter what! Our band "crime seace" is cover it. This is for all the people out there, your not alone, there is someone out there for everyone!

we arent alone... | Reviewer: Brad | 10/21/09

This song has helped me through the sleepless nights for several years. when i was 16 i was forcefully sepreated from the man that i have fallen so deeply for. for 2 years we were seperated. not knowing where each other was, or if we were ok...and one day. our paths crossed again. and ever since we have been together.

this song has helped me keep my faith. that we arent alone. that there is someone out there for eveyone. no matter how odd the realtionship may be..

i date another man that is of a different race and older then i am. through all we have ben through he shows me every day...that ill never be alone again.

amazing! | Reviewer: cheye | 10/5/09

this song is undescriptivly amazing... and it puts high hopes out there for those who feel that there is really nobody out there who care's Major props to the writer of this song!!! "thanks domonick for introuducing me to this song!" it makes me veiw somethings iv been going threw in a different way.. i hope it helps other's out there who struggle!

Helps cope with sadness | Reviewer: Jae | 9/29/09

this song helped me when i was going thru a hard time with a gf and an ex. I was going thru something becasue all the responsibilities of being 18 school jobs and the rest this song really helped me throw away depression that i had now i truly kno im not alone thanks saosin!

Amazing, And Oh So Touching. | Reviewer: Lindsay | 9/12/09

Well, This Song Has Helped Me Through The Days. Saosin Really Does Have Some Amazingly Beautiful Songs. You See, My Friend Bleu Aiden Died On The 31 Of August This Year. It Has Greatly Impacted Me In My Life. I Thought Nobody Understood The Pain, But Listening To This Makes Me Realize That I Am Not The Only One Who Is This Impacted. My Friends Have Been There For Me, But I Never Stopped And Thought About Them In This Situation. How I Depress Them From Being So Depressed Myself. They Care, And No Matter What, No Person Is Alone, There Are People Out There Who Do Care. People Out There That Went Through The Same Thing. People Out There Who Are In The Same Senario As Yourself. People Out There Who Will Extend A Hand, Realizing Your Pain, No Matter How Much They Are Unfamiliar With You. Be Thankful For Waking Up Each Morning, And Taking A Wonderful Breath. Let Your Lungs Release The Pressure. Make Yourself Important, But Realizing Other People Are Just As Much Important As You. That Breath Of Fresh Air You Take, Charish It. At Some Point, You Wont Be Able To Do That Anymore. You Never Know, It Could Be Your Last.