Cheers saosin! | Reviewer: Mikaela | 9/2/09

From reading the reviews, this song has made an impact on not just me.
I've been dealing with some VERY painful health issues which have stopped my life. Sometimes, I feel like I've run out of will power to fight on.....but this song helps me push through the pain, it helps me fight for my strength and independence. It helps me realize I'm not the only person fighting to regain themseles again. Cheers!

Once but not anymore | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/22/09

This song really got through ME.. cool. I used to think Im alone...after she rejected me..I usd to think I'm ugly, worthless and nothing more than dry leaves..again, because of the day she rejected me...yes. My friends tried to help me..but i just kept on living like hell..I thought i'd never get over it...SHE'S THE GIRL WHO TAUGHT ME WHAT LOVE IS..BUT SHE ALSO TAUGHT ME WHAT IT FEELS WHEN LOVE DIES RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. . but then...i heard this song. It reminded of the people who tried to help me. my friends, God and my family. I returned to them..they hugged me and said "we love you...cry no more"..i cried terribly to them..especially to God. I never knew they'd be so helping....because of them, i completely moved on.. now, i see hopes of love with a new girl, but atleast, i know now how to give true love, and know that there's always God, my friends and my family to turn to if things don't work right. Thanks saosin..for making me realize that IM NOT ALONE!.

Wasn´t a fan of Saosin till now | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/17/09

This song was introduced to me by my friends. I tend to go by the harmony of the song and then the lyrics, I don´t know if that makes sence. I heard the song once and I was hooked, I loved the harmony and then I liked the lyrics, that like grew into loving. This song did nothing towards my life like most of the post. But it did show me that I have two great friends that would have my back no matter what, even though they joke about pushing me off a cliff. XD

Green eyed girl | Reviewer: Ally | 8/10/09

I first heard this song on Pandora radio, and I automatically fell in love with it. I really can connect with it so much! I feel that I am the spoiled, green eyed girl because I get whatever I want, and yet I'm not happy in the slightest. Money isn't everything. People always tell me though "you get anything you want, you should be so happy!" and "Aren't you happy?! You're rich!!" No, being rich doesn't make my happiness. I've recently lost most of my friends because they always said they felt out of place at my house. The one's I love can't be around me without feeling out of place or something and it's horrible... I also get hurt a lot, people act like they're my friend just to get to my stuff. People take advantage of me. I hate it. Sometimes I wish that I was poor.
and the line says "confused by the lies she's been fed" most of my life is a lie. I grew up; my parents not truely loving each other but staying together "for the sake of the children" and then at the age of 10, they split; a divorce lasting 4 ugly years. I don't know what's the truth or a lie in my family anymore.
Saosin; thank you so much for this beautiful song.

my story.. | Reviewer: nisha | 8/9/09

i dont know bout how alone i am..there is this guy that i used to get along really well with..we used to msg each other all nite..n have alot of fun with each other..i guess we had a thing for each other..and then things suddenly cooled off..i dont know if it was coz he got busy or he jes got bored..n i was so confused n hurt..i started to pretend like he didnt really mean nething..n i made new frens also...but thru it all i miss him..miss him i wanna turn back time to b able to have that connection once again..n his reactions to me r so strange that i dont know if it is coz he feels bad bout it too or jes that he cant take me nemore..i cant evn talk to him bout it coz it mite look real desperate..but i miss him!!

not all alone ever! | Reviewer: bie | 7/21/09

i cant say how stupid i am 4 a past few days... i made a mistake by going out wit someone else witout my bf permission n yah i like diz guy but i dont love he knows n d worst thing i lied..he broke up wit me.. n i was crying a lot 4 d whole so regret 4 d thing dat i have done n trying to get him back..well.. d mobile phone dat i use is belong 2 him.. n i listen 2 all d songs in it n heard diz song saosin- your not alone... it makes me tears a lot! den i met him trying to explain everything n hoping he wants me back.. on dat time my frenz called n this song were played as my ringtone.. he listen to it... n we stop fighting each other... he hug me... n whisper in my ear... " i forgive your not alone"... crying again ..happy that he could accept me back.. i love him n i dont want 2 b alone.. 5 years is a long time 4 me n him.. i will never lied again.. n thanks saosin..! because diz song had made my bf to accept me back!!! u guys should listen diz song! thanks saosin.....

Live to tell. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/11/09

This is for all the poeple that posted...I know how all of you feel, to have noone there for you. But you have to know that among all your friends you have one person who cares uncontrolably about you...I know this cause my life this year has been the worst poosible and I met an amazing girl who cares about me so much, and to now she is my bestfriend. I would take a bullet for her, and i would have nothing less of her. Everything may go downhill but its gotta hit bottom eventually then it'll go back uphill. Just have hope you'll find someone and live an amazing life.

RE: to Sam X and daviee | Reviewer: Informer | 5/19/09

this song is about suicide.... it's about giving up on life, and how you shouldn't give up because there are people all around you going through the same thing, and can help you cope.. That's what this song really means.

... please don't judge me... | Reviewer: Nick Anderson | 5/15/09

... i suppose i have to give saosin credit. i have their cd in my psp from a friend of mine who... basically knows me in and out. him and i are basically brothers... for the past two/three years my life went so to hell.... so down that i couldn't breath. two years ago i lost my fiance and my child that we would have together. two days later my 16th birthday came around. two weeks later my grandfather died. two weeks later my pet died. after that i lost all the people i thought cared about me. i lost all of my friends and i literally had no one when i needed someone the most. finally i said "i quit" and the only reason i'm still alive today is because my gun jammed and as it turned out it was gutted out because it was his fathers gun from the war. what i thought was a real round was gutted out and fake. two years later in my life and a while after i met someone else i proposed to her. she moved away for a while and we were... so i thought... "happily" together. she turned around and spat everything i gave her in my face by saying "i'm too clingy and that i need to back off" through a text message none the less. again about a week or so later my father pushed my last nerve and he put me in a headlock and i was so close to killing him and he almost kicked me out. and it just got worse that night. i went to school the next morning late, no sleep, and still in shock and so angry. that whole day everyone was just pissing me off more and more. and i found out i wasn't going to graduate. i started to panic and i freaked out. i almost got in a really big fight that day also. i was almost arrested. and if i don't graduate i can't go into the army which i've been in since April 30th 2008. i almost dropped out of school and this stuff happened just before my birthday. i'm so close to being done and i just can't give up. i have to push myself if i want what i need. my whole life my sister and i have been faced with choices we don't want to make and things we shouldn't go through but i'd like to think i'm worse off. i've seen my friends die in front of me. i've seen my family die in front of me. i've seen my 2 month pregnant fiance die in my arms holding her close to me. i've seen my father and mother fight non stop... and yet.... i'm the only person in my entire family who has not turned to drugs, alcohol, cigarretes, or sex to try and block it out... i know i've been through more than a lot of people have and i know i haven't been through as much as others but what i do know is that i will never give up. there's a time that will come where i may not have anything left... so i have to take what i have and make it what i can. i know i'm not alone and my mother, my father, my sister, my uncle, and my friend have all made me realize. this song didn't do much to make me realize that... for i think it's so much more powerful... and so much more worthwhile to figure it out on your own than have a song do it for you. i've turned around and i'm going to graduate from this high school and i will be someone my family can be proud of........ when i leave though... i will tell them all something i have not said in a very long time....... i'm going to tell them that i love them........ i'm an 18 year old high school senior who is about to graduate... i'm in class right now... and i'm listening to this song and i'm crying... though quiet it may be i am still crying...... i'm sorry for typing so much it's just..... i had to tell someone... anyone... i need help though strong i may be.... i know i can't go on forever this strong and i need people i can trust and who will help me through this.... please don't think me an idiot or something or a liar or a fake for writing my pain on this computer.... but for those of you who took the time to read all of this... i thank you...

<3 | Reviewer: daviee | 5/11/09

Just recentaly my girlfriend and i had a long conversation about breaking up because we are in different countries. she hated it that i was never around her to cheer her up but i really didnt want to break up, so i told her that i would always be there with her in her heart, so she would never be alone, and i sent this song to her and she fully agreed with me:) so because of this song my relationship is safe and we love eachother so much!

thanks Saosin.

Saosin. | Reviewer: Lauren. | 5/12/09

this band, have really made me who I am.
I haven't ever heard of a band that can change someone so much.
I was in a relationship for 2 years, and after it ended, this song helped me. and I now know, I will never be alone. it's something that can hit anyone, who listens and reads it enough.
I want to say anyone who is feeling like crap, and wants help, this song will do just that :) <3

Lyric War | Reviewer: Sam X | 4/17/09

Iv been invoved with someone iv been in love with for a year and havn't said a word... she just recently broke up with her boyfriend... I asked her out last saturday out of fear of loosing her again... She obviously said she wasn't ready... So for this past week iv been trying to find every way to cheer up... I really want to recomend this song to her... but the one thing that is having a hit on me... is the line " Her eyes turn to green and she seems to be happy that she is hurt" on other sites exchanges "hurt" for "her"... making it "Her eyes turn to green and she seems to be happy that she is her".... now while completely insensitive for me to let her listen to this and hear that... so Im not sure if I should give her the lyrics from here and hope she doesn't catch it :|

not alone anymore,
Sam X

Incredible song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/15/09

One of my friends had made me a cd for my birthday with Avenged Sevenfold, Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, Paramore, and a band i never heard before Saosin...he told me to check out one of their songs and this was it....i was speechless, i've heard a lot of songs i can relate to in some way and this song along with "Leave Out All the Rest" by Linkin Park really makes me feel better about my life....i'm not alone.....its just a great as for the linkin park song its just a great songs and "You're Not Alone" and "Leave Out All the Rest" are my top two favorite songs i've ever heard...

You really aren't alone | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/11/09

I can admit now that my life hasn't been easy, and I have been through a lot of things that have hurt me so deeply and made me feel so alone. When I heard this song, I got very emotional, but came to realise I'm not alone and that people do care. If only everyone who felt the same could hear this song, then all pain would be gone. We really are all in this together. Thank you Saosin x

nothing's in vain | Reviewer: denviii :D | 4/8/09

i heard this song in the acoustic.and with the piano sounds,it made me even more emotional.i was going to cry remembering about me and my bestfrend's problem.but by listening to dis song,it gives me a thought that everything will be okay.i do have problems now.and i do try to make them up and make them okay by maybe,trying to apologize to my friend.
everytime i feel this way,i always listen to this song.thanks saosin :D !.