No one is alone. | Reviewer: monster | 4/6/09

Lately, everything has been tough. I always feel alone and empty, because everyone is changing.
This song however penetrates those feelings. It makes me feel so much better, cause I know other people out there are just like me.
It gives me hope for the future.

We're not alone. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/5/09

These past weeks has been hell for me and I felt like everyone I loved just left. I don't think I've felt more alone in my whole life. but when I heard this song I realized I wasn't. There are people out there. they care about me and I just couldn't see them cuz my boyfriend, 2 best friends and my sister left me. And that was all I could see. But if you open your eyes you'll see that you're not alone. you never will be.

nice song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/16/09

when i heared tis song it was the time in my life that
iu feel useless, my life was a mess, and all hopes had crashed down.
well thnx to dis song i found a new gop on..on life!
+praise on!

Your Not Alone.. <3 =] | Reviewer: JayBee | 1/27/09

I love this song because i think anyone can relate this song to anything bad happening in life . I've been having lots of bad things last year and now that it's the new year im hoping for something better . I thank this song , cause i think in the years to come , this songs gonna help me get through the hard times . =] <3

We are not alone | Reviewer: Riley | 1/17/09

Right now is a horrible time for me
my family is falling apart and me and my bf are fighting abit and the weather is making it gloomyer :) but my bf sent me this song and i Love hits a special part in my heart <3 Rawr saosin!

Your not alone=] | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/3/08

Wow after I read this it really hit home. It really seems like we are looking for the ones we've loved and in the end they come back looking for us...I guess it's safe to say, love seeks out "the one" in all of us. Your not alone

amazing | Reviewer: Kirsten | 11/8/08

Wow;;; i just lost my best friend yesterday and i have been crying and angry and feeling sorry for myself and realizing how i dont have a bestfriend anymore. this song i think will help me now whenever i see her in the halls at school or run into her at the store. i love this song

amazed | Reviewer: jackie | 9/28/08

am really amazed by how thw lyrics of this song really touch me. with problems at home and school there are many times when i feel like all hope is gone and why continue, and this song helped me get out of it. its a really powerful song

Amazing! | Reviewer: Bryanna | 9/20/08

It was way back in december of 2007 when my brother came home from an alexisonfire concert, and Saosin opened for them and he told me to listen to the band. this was the first song that i heard and it made me feel amazing. at that time i was having troubles at home, and with my friends, and my boyfriend at the time. and this song taught me that it was all going to be okay, that there is nothing worth loosing your life for. Its such a powerful song. and i think it will be enjoyed my many people.

thank you | Reviewer: Dominic | 7/13/08

saosin once again give me a song that can get me through something, i've been having a terrible amount of problems lately, i know this songs probably about a tournament on Street Fighter or something but to me it's helped me alot
thanks guys

Dedicateddd. | Reviewer: Ashley | 6/26/08

This is a wonderful song.
My boyfriend and I aren't very affectionate but we both know we have that spark.
He sometimes says he wants to die and that he has nothing left to live for. I heard this song before, and I thought this would help him.
I'm sending these lyrics to him and a small note along with it. Thank you.

This speaks to me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/18/08

This song sounds like something to recently happened to me
I left all my friends and familly back in my hometown to go live with my girlfriend because she moved for college and now 2 days ago she broke up with me for another guy so i listen to this song and it helps

Tears | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/16/08

Omg...I listened to this for the first time today and I've been trying to help my boyfriend get over the loss of losing his grandpa...and I havent' been able to say: "Everything's going to be ok" cuz that would do nothing...and now I feel that I can share this wit him and maybe it'll help. I love it so much and I can't stop listening to it

Wow... | Reviewer: Ella Hope | 4/10/08

Your song is very meaningful. It meant a lot to me the first time I heard it, and now I want to listen to it again, and again. I'm glad I can share your lyrics to the friends of mine who are having some trouble getting over the death of our best friend, who unfortunatly left without warning. I guess we are not the only ones though!!

Hope lives | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/28/08

I lost my job and hope recently, having trouble with an ex who has vandalized my car along with other stuff happening. This song a came across that put a smile on my face now I have some hope. So this song in my book is special. Cheers. mike