hells yes | Reviewer: pac | 8/4/07

great song, really good to see hopeful inspiring music instead of the much more depressingish lyrics in most of the music in their genre

still love this song... | Reviewer: katy | 8/2/07

Hah, well I still really love this song and its only been like, forever since I first heard it. According to iTunes, I've heard it...118 times, plus all the times I heard my phone ring ;) how obsessive...and what's this "woah is me?" That sounds a bit conceited. Try "woe is me?"
But yaa, thanks to those numerous people who responded to my one comment ages ago about there being vocals in the background :D very helpful

Searching... | Reviewer: Amanda | 8/1/07

I beleive the first verse about the boy is not giving up and not committing suicide (wether it be physically or emotionally) and the second relates to me: To stop listening to others and follow what you want. I'm not satisfied with being born then dying- there has to be something else and not giving up looking for it.

Saosin | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/1/07

Grow up you crybabies. Quit whining about ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends and piddly crap that noone else cares about. Review the damn song and leave the personal "whoa is me" crap out of it.

i love this song | Reviewer: bobby | 7/31/07

This song is rele helpful it can get any persont through tough time saosin must keep on rockin cant wait til project revolution pce

Awesome song | Reviewer: danielle | 7/31/07

to me it means a lot. it doesn't mean anything about an ex-boyfriend or family or hell. it means suicide, don't do it. Just don't. life will get better. and this song relates to everybody in some way. <3 Danielle

I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: lacey | 7/29/07

this song is so meaning full! plus the band rocks someday i hope to meet them!!!!!!!!!! if you like this song you rock out loud!!!!!!!!!!!! i think this band will ROCK FOREVER!!!!!<3 o_- =]

You're Not Alone | Reviewer: Maria | 7/27/07

this song is awesome!! It makes me think of the past and how my ex-boyfriends hurt me, and let me know that I really am not alone.. and, it makes me thankful for my now-boyfriemd, and how well he treats me... anyways, I these guys!!!!

Inspiring | Reviewer: nCo | 7/27/07

This song is good, it is so inspiring. Give me one lesson that life may be not always like what we want. So hard, but don’t give up. Just go with your life, never give up, and “Shin Jiteru” ( means believe ), even it is already hopeless. I have ever lost my friend, lost
my lovely girlfriend, my GPA is bad that makes me hard to find a job, my parents hates me coz I’m jobless. I always hear this song whenever I feel like… it is already done.

amazing | Reviewer: cassie prior lake!! | 7/26/07

like the boy this song is about.
me and this special guy named bryce.
its our song..
its so true.
because im so cconfused right now.
andim exactly like him.
hes all searching for someone to love, and hes crazy for me.

I'm the same way about him, only i feel so spoiled with all of the people i have right now.

ahhh i love this song.

listen to it when its dark and quiet and warm and yer walkin under tha stars.
omg its the best.

thank you. | Reviewer: :] | 7/24/07

this song really spoke to me, in a very indept way. cutting and suicide used to be the only things i thought about. i honestly had nothing to live for. but this song and songs like this truly saved my life. thank you.

love this song | Reviewer: delia | 7/23/07

it makes me think of how my ex boyfriend really hurt me (emotionally & physically) but i pulled through all of it and i know i'm not alone

i love this song | Reviewer: Breanna | 7/23/07

this song is tha best ever! one of my best guy friends made me go to his profile and listen to this song and i realii lyked it and im glad he introduced me to this song because its a very good song with strong lyrics and it means alot! =]

=] | Reviewer: Jenni | 7/19/07

I luff this song.
Between this && Cellar Door - Escape the Fate, I can't choose my fave song.
...Have you seen the vid?
At the end when the girl goes floating, is her toes ripped off or is this just some wierd thing that me && Danny think?

Effects. | Reviewer: Maddie | 7/20/07

My boyfriend introduced me to this song, and the first time I heard it I was just like "Ermm, It's okay" But then The second time around, I was depressed and thought about suicide, but I listened to the song, It made me feel differnt. It made me think about me and my boyfriend's relationship, he's lost his loved ones and still has enough love to love me soooo much. I really love this song. :]