You're Not Alone by Saosin | Reviewer: Dallas : D | 7/19/07

This song really creeps into those speacil places rarely touched by other voices.
It opens up something in your heart, it basically lets you know you can live, and fall in love. You'll make it through life, worry, but don't worry.

wow. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/13/07

i'm with some of you people, this song gets to me too. same issues with the person i love. gr. well, anyways, i love this song. peace.

song=my ex | Reviewer: Ryu | 7/16/07

::types while listening to this song::

yea...i just saw this video...last night...and it reminded me of my ex "bunny", she cheated on me with some fucker name zack. that part of the song

She's just like him
Spoiled rotten, confused by the lies shes been fed
Shes searching for no one (but herself)
Her eyes turn to green and she seems to be happy that she is here
And this time I think you'll know

it made me like these guys alot!!!

o-kay | Reviewer: miss moofy | 7/15/07

I really like this song! It gives a sence of morality to the auditor. The meaning of the words is potent & influences the opposition of your cerebration!
Basicly its powerful with emotion!

-miss moofy-

Its OK | Reviewer: That Guy | 7/16/07

This song is good, it fits his voice. Its good for him to actually make his own songs other than cover AG's. I still think AG sings better, no matter what.
Oh yea, and no dude, you're not alone. Im not the biggest fan of incorrect grammar and spelling.

song | Reviewer: that one girl | 7/8/07

that girl, is a bitch, she shouldnt be mean.
who cares if the other ones name is cathy.

and you are spoiled rotten, you sound like it.
and i dont think the song is about you.


p.s. sorry about your wife, thats lame that she left you.

pp.s. i just like this song because it explains alot about everything to me.

Title track | Reviewer: Hannah | 7/2/07

I really like this song. I've chosen it for a poetry assignment at school. I think it's a little bit cryptic, and it really creates this awesome image in your head. It's kinda different to like, the normal Saosin stuff, but yeah, I agree with that guy, Saosin so isn't screamo.

Peace out.

this song gets me | Reviewer: =] | 6/30/07

okay when i hear this sounds so much similar to what im going through.i feel like i want to give up becuase i might lose the one i love.only becus he says he has nothing to live for..and this song makes me want to hold on.but makes me sad cus it reminds me so much of him.i also have green eyes l0l.

this song is perfect and so is the band.
i love the way the head singer sings.
its great

SOASIN!!!!! | Reviewer: scarlet | 6/29/07

OMG! i love these guys so die with out their music i love cove so much his voice just makes me melt and its like im in love with him but i dont even know him....funny how a guy can make you fall for them with out even knowing you exist yet it still happend......<33scarlet

It reminds me... | Reviewer: Sharkie | 6/29/07

I love this song because the first time I heard it, it was while I was on a date with this really great guy. We listened to the cd the whole time we were in the car and I almost had it all memorized by the end. Its so amazing.

Review about You're Not Alone | Reviewer: claudia Ibeth | 6/28/07

i think this song
is one of the best of saosin....
it make me think about
me and my realtion
it has a lot to say
is aperfect
to fallen in love
i mean
real love......
i love saosin!!!!!!!!!

Omg | Reviewer: Shelby Kinnamon | 6/26/07

I freakin lovee this songg.
I liked thier songs and all..but this one is lke ahhhh!! ahah

iluvthissong!!! | Reviewer: ask | 6/22/07

i love this song!!!! it's my fav i also like blg (boys like girls)!!!!!!!!!!! i always loved this song and i always will!!

oh my gosh | Reviewer: A sad girl | 6/15/07

I have loved Saosin since i first heard them on myspace.
Me and My boyfriend had a huge fight during this song.
And since i love saosin so much this song was repeat and it kept playing over and over anyways
we got back together and now this is our song

Kudos. | Reviewer: Corroding Profiles~ | 6/15/07

Wow, can no one else type using correct grammar or spelling, or am I the only one?

This is a nice change from Saosin's range of work. The vocals and harmonics are very nice.

The only problem with this song is the video. It's another that doesn't make much sense. It's kind of a far-fetched script in my opinion.

Otherwise, the song is great. Kudos to the band.