Fan-fucking-tastic | Reviewer: Staci | 3/21/08

This song is fantastic. The night one of my friends killed themselves i listened to this song on repeat, and it stopped me from following my frined. This song really is amazing, I've never heard any other song by the band though.

Cries | Reviewer: Darkness999 | 3/13/08

I love this song. i never though how much a song can say about someones feelings. This song makes me realize how much i need to know that i'm not alone at any time or at any bad or good time that there is someone in this world that is there for me. i can't explain what i feel. Now i know that i'm not alone because God will be always there for me and for all of you. HE always makes sure to put a person to be on ur side when you need it.

Exactly | Reviewer: Matt | 2/10/08

This song reminds me of me and my friend Bob. We've been through so much in our lives that are similar, between depression with family, friends, girlfriends, etc. We have always been there for each other and we always somehow help each other out of every little thing we're in. He's my best friend, and I wouldn't want anyone else there for me, because he's the only one who actually understands me and understands my life circumstances. This song is great, I love it.

dedicated to daniel. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/11/08

I am 16, and I believe this is my friend Daniel's song.
My best friend lost her boyfriend of 1 amazing year to him committing suicide. he came into this world already with 2 strikes..battled to stay strong, but couldn't. he had this song on his myspace before he passed, and still has it to this day.
this song is his and hers and i can feel it.
RIP Daniel. We love you.

words of thought | Reviewer: becca | 1/23/08

have you ever felt like a song is talking about you? this song when i first heard it, it made me think about everything i was going through at that time and this song has helped me get through alot. when both of my cousins and two of my good friends died i listened to this song and cried because i know that you can make it through hard times and you're not alone if you have friends and family there with you.

im not really sure | Reviewer: Cortone Acetate | 1/25/08

beau and justin said in an interview that this song is about cove entering a pie contest.. some parts of the lyrics somewhat prove it.

there is something more to this i know

awesome | Reviewer: Katie | 1/1/08

For some reason this song makes me cry everytime i hear it.
i was over at my boyfriends house once and i started to cry cuz this song was playing.
i still love this song.

Great Tune | Reviewer: Greg | 12/16/07

This song is amazing. I love the music and the lyrics both, it's really a mesmerizing tune. Regardless of the real intentions of the song, it always reminds me that God is always there for me, even when I feel like no one else is.

better than show me yo bootyhole | Reviewer: Blake T. | 11/24/07

WOW this is an amazing definitely touch me and gave me hope...not that many songs out there that do that

Orgasmic | Reviewer: Stacey | 11/11/07

I'm going through a rough time right now, with a bunch of stuff, and this song has definatly helped me.. I'm not sure how, but it just has :)

speechless | Reviewer: colby | 11/5/07

just bought this cd, ive had it on repeat for this track all week, its indescribable. I think everyone can relate to this song....amazing

You're Not Alone | Reviewer: Marianne Haney | 10/31/07

This song is so loud.
Not as in volume, but the yell at u in a clear way to make u hear that your not alone. I think they get their point across and heard. Thats the most important thing about music.

Amazing song | Reviewer: Steve | 10/27/07

Just got three words to say;

I love it.

It's one of the most touching songs I have heard.
Brings tears to my eyes.

Definately 10/10.

</3 | Reviewer: sheyla | 10/20/07

this song is amazing it helped mehh get threw a very hard break up nd is just amazing i listen to it everyday i feel lik i really am not alone even i i alays feel lik i am so amazing song.


the lyrics was really great!!! nice one!!! | Reviewer: the remnant (1) | 10/21/07

every time i heard that song... it mesmerizes me... the way it sang and the way the lyrics delivered... it deeply touch the saosin fans... saosin your the best!!!