I Love This Song | Reviewer: Jason Hyde | 10/21/07

This song is simply amazing, it lets you know that no matter who u have or u dont there is always someone there if u are in need of help and that you shouldnt give up on life.

:] | Reviewer: anonymous | 10/17/07

amazing lyrics.
this really puts life into perspective and gives a sense of hope that no matter how hard a struggle you're going through ...you're not alone.
definately uplifting!

<3 | Reviewer: Bim | 10/14/07

Really great song and lyrics, i know alot of people say this but i can really relate to the songs meaning it feels like hes singing about being in the same situation i am.
But i guess i could be wrong on that, love the song one of my all time favourites dont think it will ever get old for me.

Amazing | Reviewer: Matt | 10/9/07

This is just an amazing song. I just downloaded it and ive already listened to it over 100 times. This song is so deep and amazing. I love it. This song wont ever get old. Saosin is a great band.

;@@@ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/3/07

A very special person introduced me this song, and at the moment that I listened, I just loved it!! ;D
The melody is sweet, the lyrics are expressive, it's perfect ;]
it really touches deep inside

Now it's just one of my favorites ;)

LLL | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/3/07

A very special person introduced me this song, and at the moment that I listened, I just loved it!! ;D
The melody is sweet, the lyrics are expressive, it's perfect ;]
it really touches deep inside

Now it's just one of my favorites ;)

amazing | Reviewer: donna | 9/21/07

this song is

i never get tired of it
i swear ive listen to this song over and over countless times

evertime i listen to it
it makes me think about everything and everyone i have in my life =)

the song is sooo riiite


...i think ur never alone theres always someone riiite there
even if u think u are
theres always someone there for u

this isnt jusst another one of those songs where ur jus like o yea its kewl...
this song relates to alot of ppl
basiacallly everyone including
this song actually has meaning to it
and i love it =)
its one of m personalll favorites


thanks | Reviewer: anonymous | 9/19/07

This song relates to everyone's life somehow. Deep down, rich or poor, happy or sad, we all wish we could live better lives, that we didn't care so much of what people said, the lies we tell involuntarily, the friends we made.
We all care. We all wish we didn't.
This song just reminds you of it, to tell you you're not the only one who thinks that, that you're never alone.
No matter how lost you are, how hurt, how angry.
Seperated, but never apart.
Lost, but never alone.
Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself. I just wish people believed that who you are is always with you, whether you realize it or not.

saosin | Reviewer: Alex | 9/19/07

lol this is a wicked song.

i had this on wen i was really sad at shit.. but it made me happy again :)

this song saved me....... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/18/07

i was so close 2 suicide it scared me a few months ago, and i had began to cut myself. i was on holiday with my family hating it, and putting my ipod on shuffle (my dad had put a load of music on there i didn't know) saosin came up. at the start of the song i was dubious, but i broke down at the end, realising how much this song meant to me, and how relevant it was to my life. it just pulled me back from the brink of suicide, so i'm very grateful.i listen to it every day, just to remind me!:D
i love it....
anonymous xxx

TOO MUCH FOR ME..too little time | Reviewer: Sonia Ferguson | 9/13/07

wow..this song..i listen to all the flippen time cuz it makes me not want to feel alone in the world anymore..when i listen to this..i reflect on my thought i use to have... but..i have this amazing friend morgan and she is my world..and this makes it even better in life to know i have people for me n not judging me for the way i dye my hair or what ever they want to say about me..i love you MORG-A-PORSH..lol..

alone | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/9/07

this song means so much to me because my friends boyfriend was really suicidal and she told him they werent alone, and then he killed her then himself and they werent alone anymore

i love life

ughh | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/1/07

wow so this song means so much to me.
theres this guy in my life and he might be suicidal...
but everything in this song is exactly what i want to tell him.
and i did, i showed him this song and hes gotten better :]
i love him so much...but i think he loves someone else...ughhhhhhh

you're not alone | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/27/07

this song is deep...emotionally heavy but is balanced by a sound that is a bit lite,but works well for the usually sonically heavy Saosin.taking note of the tension that is created by holding back,which is a sign of maturity. okay I'm inside training right now and i easily forget what i wanted to say...but in a nutshell the song is great Saosin Song,both the music and lyrics are quite mature, yet can easily conect to both teens, and young adults which make up the core of Saosin's fanbase. It may even win over some new fans.:)

the most sweetest | Reviewer: yelena<333 | 8/24/07

i think this song expresses what some people really feel
i love this song, when i first listened to this song, it really touched me
the music is sweet
the lyrics are really touching
and the voice of course