Lillys Thoughts | Reviewer: Lilly | 9/4/2007

wow this song is like omg!!
so true and honest u know
i like it
1 out of 10 would be like a 100
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amazing | Reviewer: Leila | 8/8/2007

this song can relate to sooo many things in people's lives. I have gone thru so many hard times. and i can really relate to this song, so can many other people. I love it. and the Your not alone,and bury ur head,and it's so simple. i love them all.

it gets me through | Reviewer: stefanie | 8/5/2007

this song just really really help me get through the tough times. it is like a miricle worker of a song i guess you could say. i mean i have had two-three years of a hardship because of a tumor in my hip that has couzed me to have four surgeries including a hip replacment. and this dong just really helped and still does help me get through. this song roxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. so does your not alone, another great song sung by a great band. if you havent herd it then you should dowload it or somthing. im out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I luv this song | Reviewer: Michelle | 7/31/2007

this song just reminds me that however hard it gets as the song says ur not alone because theres always someone whos going through exactly what u r so thanks guys for this song

adrenaline | Reviewer: Nota | 7/27/2007

idk about you guys, but that one part at 3:20 when Cove screams "real" really gets me going; i just wish there was a bit more in the song after that.

omg! this song rox | Reviewer: michelle | 7/11/2007

I just love saosin. Cove has the perfect voice for all the songs they sing. I just think Saosin is awesome !!!!!!!!!

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/2007

this just brings me back to a really painful time in my life, but it reminds me how i've moved on and grown stronger from it. each time i listen to it i can actually feel in my heart the same pain and hurt and longing that i had once felt during that time. this song really helped me through a lot of tough times, especially when i was hurt or upset, and i love it a lot it's really good.

AHHHHHHHHHHHH | Reviewer: JOEY | 6/25/2007


this song rox | Reviewer: kayla | 6/23/2007

i was fighting with my best freind and i listend to this song and i felt happy and i didnt want to fight with her anymore this song has a strong efect on people the lyrics are so true and honest

fantabulous song! | Reviewer: [-moriah-] | 6/17/2007

in all honesty.

this song is one of the best I've ever heard. There are very few spngs that can have the same effect after being played thousands of times. this song is one of them. I have been listening to it for a while now, especially for the past week or so, and it still makes my heart race every time I hear it. I love it, Saosin is truly talented. One of my favorite bands for sure. =] <33