:) | Reviewer: Tyler | 6/11/2007

whoever said this: "yea ths song is pretty gay... u no wat song is badass/
that song is for all u emos that like this song lo"
can stfu. kthx.
way to waste your time looking at lyrics of songs you dont like.

good song. love the lyrics. love Saosin.

Such musical mastery | Reviewer: Smithy | 6/11/2007

Another great song by this amazing band, it has great guitars and the vocalist is really good, good up the good work Saosin

AMAZING!!! | Reviewer: YoGi | 5/25/2007

I think this song is their best song...
The lyrics are freakin amazing..
And the way they play this song...

WOW! | Reviewer: Debz | 5/19/2007

"We speak in different voices, when fighting with the ones we've loved..."
I really like the melody of this song...but I fell in love with it when I saw the lyrics.
It's my fav. song by Saosin.

Great Band | Reviewer: Raymi | 5/20/2007

I cant believe how good this band is, the guitar, vocals and drumming is all great! I cant wait to see them in concert sometime. Voices is one of their best songs.

Wow | Reviewer: Alayna | 5/10/2007

I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH! The video's pretty sad.. this song is so true.. I heard this song on my friends MySpace, now I love Saosin.. haha.

perfection | Reviewer: Jazmine xx | 5/1/2007

every word cove sings is just perfect. his voice is so addicting when you listen to it. you can't get enough. and the last two notes he sings in this song are so powerful and full of energy, its gives me shivers. i love it. much appreciation for this song. love you guyz! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Swickedness | Reviewer: Jack | 4/28/2007

Saosin has brought along amazing songs. Voices is one of the best, but I still tend to enjoy their screamo more =]

great! | Reviewer: Roi France | 4/26/2007

Hey! I'm listening to almost every kind of song, whatever genre it is... and this one is great, powerful voice without scream. well, amazing! ilke the song, the lyrics, and the style... they almost perfect their style! your pretty amazing guys...

amazing. | Reviewer: Lauren | 4/23/2007

i love this song. its incredible. the lyrics are so true. saosin<33333333333