BEAUTIFUL | Reviewer: Niema | 4/19/2007

this song is BEAUTIFUL. the first time i heard it was like 3 months ago when it first came out! MAN I LOVE THIS SONG!

w/ers | Reviewer: brotha j.j. | 4/13/2007

yea ths song is pretty gay... u no wat song is badass/
that song is for all u emos that like this song lol

aaaaarggghhhh!!! | Reviewer: GiY ZiP | 3/28/2007

whew.... voices so great!!! i luv every song from saosin!!!
gosh...i cant wait no longer time to see the gigs @ my town!!!
see u around guys!!! we'll sing along together!! don 4get to sing 7 years also ok??!!!

One of the best songs ever | Reviewer: Clay | 2/26/2007

From the first time I heard this song I fell in love with it. Its a song that can relate to a lot of peoples home life like mine sometimes.

Amazing | Reviewer: Alex | 2/24/2007

I learned this song in just one day and now I know the whole song. I'm going to be singing this over and over again til I die. This song is just tooo GOOD!

Taste of chaos concert | Reviewer: Dani | 2/21/2007

LOVE THIS SONG! i cant wait for the taste of chaos concert.. they most definately better play this song. lol

review. saosin <3 | Reviewer: Lauren | 2/22/2007

this song is incredibly amazing. and the lyrics are incredible. its a very well done song. i love it.

I love this song. | Reviewer: Amber | 2/9/2007

The lyrics are frikin amazing. I really love this song, I've been listening to it non-stop for like 2 days, and I haven't gotten tired of it. <3

Wowzers amazing...Still | Reviewer: Adrienne | 11/4/2006

Voices... Wowssssss. No way to explain how amazing this song really is. I thought "I could tell there was an accident here" was their best song, but i evedentually was completely wrong. Voices is so powerful and since theres no screaming, its very easy yo understand te lyics. I also LOVE coves voice. the way he sings makes the song even more powerful. I know i have to go get the CD soon because myspace can only host so many songs off the CD. =]]]]]