TheOne | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/19/10

Alex, if you knew what the hell you were talking about, you wouldn't make yourself look like an asshole. Nobody, myself included, thinks that Cove was bad on album. As a matter of fact, he's one of my favorite singers, ON ALBUM. He didn't 'leave' the band, he was kicked out because he can't sing worth a shit on stage. It had nothing to do with people criticizing him when compared to Anthony. Maybe you should get your story straight before you bash on others.

To all you Cove haters out there... | Reviewer: Alex | 8/29/10

If you haven't heard yet, Cove has departed from Saosin - your wish came true. I hope you're fucking happy. But just remember that raving on about how much "better" Anthony is than Cove, won't bring Anthony back, because he's moved on, just like Cove.

Fact is, Saosin was truly special with Cove, and that all he did was bring success to the band. He improved them, he didn't make them worse.

Rock on Saosin \m/

10/11/2008 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/11/08

is it just me or at the start where he sais (according to these lyrics) 'Its to hard to swallow it. Their Judgements are concentrated'
does he actually say 'Its to hard to swallow when their judgements are concentrated' just curios is all and yeh saosin are an amazing band <3

Awesome! | Reviewer: Whitatoodanis | 10/5/08

The demo version of this song is absolutely amazing, I'd highly recommend everyone who loves this song to get that one.

There are a few mistakes, but it's nothing that can't be fixed with a submission. =p

But otherwise, I love this song, it is my absolute favorite of all their songs. x)

saosin! | Reviewer: yahoo | 2/10/08

get the demo version of this song its better then the real one cuz its anthony green same with 'i can tell there wan an accident here earlier' aka 'breakup at the rockshow' but either way saosin is totally radical dog yahooo and this songs amazing

Sleepers | Reviewer: Meghan | 1/18/08

this song is absolutely amazing. i heard of this band just like 2 hours ago and i love their songs. and wow vanessa is messed up because i don't care if some of the lyrics are wrong...maybe she can get a life and listen to the song and figure out the lyrics herself. kthanksbye<3

i heart saos | Reviewer: Steven | 11/22/07

ya this is the same song as I wanna hear another fast song but the tune is changed up a little.

vanessa: go suck a cock

re: vanessaa | Reviewer: aaaamy | 11/13/07

You're clearly an idiot. If you love music so much, why don't you either send in your own "correct" lyrics, or learn the correct lyrics

what what | Reviewer: tigemeister; | 11/8/07

saosin has been out for a long time, granted it's no anthony green whooo is the mannn...they still rock find old versions of the band before 2005 thats whats up

9/24/2007 | Reviewer: Westley | 9/25/07

i first heard of saosin 4 months ago
since then they have become my favorite band
this is my favorite song, with I Can Tell, a close second, follow and feel was the first song i heard from them and since then i've been hooked their tunes, flow, and composure are like none ive heard b4 they r the best band in the world in my opinion