awesome | Reviewer: missy | 9/24/07

OMFG.... you guys are all so totally right! saosin are awesome, and this is by far their best song.... Like totally awesomeo!

07/30/2007 | Reviewer: conrad | 7/30/07

saosin is one of the best bands in the world
and this is my favorite song by them
and thats all i have to say

Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/3/07

wow.. this is the best band i've ever heard, i found out about them like a week ago and i cant stop listening to them.. they're melodies and tones and pitches are amazing.. this band rocks.

Sleepers Review | Reviewer: Tyler | 6/18/07

haha wow.. Vanessa ur a psycho. get a life. this is a great song. GROW UP FAG

Huh? | Reviewer: ReD | 6/9/07

Is this like the exact same of I Wanna Hear another fast song but sounds different?

Sleepers | Reviewer: vanessa | 5/22/07

there are a few words in here that are wrong. the second part of the chorous is completley wrong. i dont even know how you could make a living and go on with your life knowing that you are lying to people all aroudn the world. music is a great part of my life. and if there is one word that i may not fully understand i rely on you and this website to give me the answer to the questions that i have. so i come onto this website only cuz i know how acurate the lyrics are. but i was blown away when i saw that the words are wrong. you have no idea how disapointed i am right now. i hope your happy with yourself. DAMN YOU I HOPE YOU GO TO HELL. thank you for reading this.

wow | Reviewer: Kayness | 2/20/07

well i first came across these guys threee days ago! but since then i have already got hold of all their songs and converted many freinds to the awesomeness of Saosin!!!
i love the tune, the way its flows great song to balst down the motorway with :D

Marvelous | Reviewer: Nikki FM | 3/31/06

Saosin is a wonderful group. I love the tune that they have. It makes me not switch to the nect song on my i pod. The song is very lyrical and has a lot of meaning behind it.