Whites are laughing at the Negroids who wrote this | Reviewer: H. L Mencken | 9/3/07

This song is funny because it's lyrics are so assinine it illustrates how little the Negroid mind has advanced since the days when they were pickin' cotton in the fields or running away from alligators in Africa.

The blacks are actually too obtuse to even know that the whites who dance to this are laughing at them -- at their IQ inferiority.

wow, this song is lalalove (: | Reviewer: katiebabyyyyy. | 8/11/07

i love saosin.
this song is fucking amaaazing, as are they.
& they can have my bootyhole anytime :]
MWAH<3 ! looove this song.
i was listening to it all day.

lmfao i love these guys. | Reviewer: jas | 7/13/07

HAHAHA omg, when i first saw this song i was like WTF this can't be saosin...

but i know for sure now that it is hahaha. they kicked some major bootay makin funna rap.
Really, they're all my heros now :)
haha i wish this would go on mtv. :P

GAME! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/1/07

Hahahaha. I love his song. My boyfriend and I sing it together and just laugh throughout the whole song. Haha. When I found out it was by Saosin I was like...WTF? It's just a funny song.

-------Show Me Your Booty Hole | Reviewer: taylor | 6/28/07

yea good song i like how it taken beats and things form other songs 2... and "fohizzle" totally Snoop Dogg anyway nise song

not that it really matters. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/23/07

its actually "B2C will never stop", not that it matters, but thats who wrote the song. they called themselves B2C, beau from saosin,beau from take the crown, and chris from saosin.

wow. this was amainggg.<3 | Reviewer: destinyyy && lindsayyy.<3 | 5/23/07

this song is amazingg. we listen to it all the time. it's hilaioussss. we wouldn't expect saosin to pull off sometihng like this :] man, this is too cool. waycoool.
it's amazing.
that's it.
end of story.

LOL | Reviewer: adrianna | 5/18/07

i still cant stop laughing.
this song is sooo funny, and i LOVE saosin (:

asldhgs | Reviewer: abbeyy | 4/24/07

This song is completely uhmayzingg

Saosin can kick itt :]

Very Good | Reviewer: Nabe | 4/19/07

I like this song, It's Hilarious, and they say the truth because, the rapper's only talk about bootys and car's and their houses.

Ohmylord | Reviewer: Molly | 4/16/07


I was like, honestly singing this all day...damn

But, this is the most hilarious song EVER


who knew Beau and Chris could rap that well ;)

quite nice | Reviewer: jerrica | 3/28/07

it's awesome to hear a song making fun of a whole genre of music, thats more funny than offensive.
it's so hilarious.

Show Me Yo Booty Hole | Reviewer: Megan | 3/21/07


So my friend Marty can pretty much sing this song perfectly.

I guess I never really realized that Saosin sang the song. But I like Saosin a lot which is a plus.

This song is purely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

good way of using different hip-hop beats | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/9/07

such as pump-it from black eyed peas
also snoop dogg with the "foshizzle" part.
pluss chingy with the "hursss" etc.

every beat is from a song
so there are many more

i dont like emo/punk music
im more into rnb and hip hop.
but i like this alot !

IT ROCKS! | Reviewer: JayJay | 3/1/07

My god this song rocks! Its such a good mockery!
I love them as a band i went to there concert which absolutely rocked!