ignorance | Reviewer: Halee Blake | 2/19/12

It is amazing how ignorant some people are. This song is meant to be funny and have fun making a joke about how ridiculous some music is nowadays. Laugh and get over it. As for the racists BS, do you realize it isn't just black people who share DNA with chimpanzees(previous reviewer was wrong in saying apes) but ALL humans share 96% DNA similarity with chimpanzees. Oh gasp. And that means very little since most mammals share a large amount of DNA. Humans also share 94% of DNA with mice. All humans are DNA wise- 99.9% identical. Learn your facts and stop being such an elitest. Sorry for turning a song review into a science lesson but I've gotten my degree in biology and minored in geneology so I couldn't resist.

Wow. | Reviewer: Cody | 7/25/11

Not even a trash-filled site like YouTube could turn a song discussion into a political debate on the merits of a member of our government based solely on the color of his skin.

You're all fucking retarded.

to: mo | Reviewer: commonsense | 11/8/10

The country is in the shape it's in because of people buying houses they couldn't afford and the housing industry going down hill. And Obama spending multiple times the amount Bush spent in 8 years in only 2 hasn't helped anything at all. Now that we've got Republicans with common sense back in office hopefully they'll give some tax cuts to the rich instead of taxing the crap out of em. Cause let's face it. Rich people run the country. They employ you. If they can't afford to spend more money no one can. Now go do your homework.

to: HAHAHAhaha | Reviewer: mo | 10/21/10

I'm not black, and I'm not disagreeing with your statement either. But it's been scientifically proven that white people come from black people. Oh, and btw, the country's only this bad because of Bush. Obama's trying his best, but those guys in power are all against him.

Are you kidding me? | Reviewer: HAHAHAhaha | 3/7/10

its a proven fact that black people share dna with apes while white people do not. It is true that they can score higher on average in a IQ test. Why do you think our country is doing so bad? we have an ape running our country

Racism | Reviewer: StandingonaSoapbox | 12/21/09

"This song is funny because it's lyrics are so assinine it illustrates how little the Negroid mind has advanced since the days when they were pickin' cotton in the fields or running away from alligators in Africa.

The blacks are actually too obtuse to even know that the whites who dance to this are laughing at them -- at their IQ inferiority."

That is THE most RACIST thing I have read in a while. You and everyone like you who think like that are a blight on this world. You are the Hitlers, the Stalins, the Janjaweeds. Even with the incredibly amount of evidence that proves racial dominance false, you still have the audacity to say complete rubbish like that.
I want everyone who reads what the first poster said to regard it as completely wrong.
I hate to be so serious while listening to "Show me yo Bootyhole", but you cant let shit like that get away, it might make someone think its right.

ummm... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/17/09

this song iz fucken hilarious! i love it! also,
@hl menken, this song was written by white guys...not black guys. you really think that the guys singing are black? come on listen to their voices. obviously white.

Negroids? | Reviewer: ScumPie | 4/3/09

"This song is funny because it's lyrics are so assinine it illustrates how little the Negroid mind has advanced since the days when they were pickin' cotton in the fields or running away from alligators in Africa."

This comment shows how little your mind has advanced since you popped out your moms arse. Oh and Btw, there are no alligators in Africa, we have crocodiles.

parody | Reviewer: silverheart | 12/1/08

i think this song is a slap in the face (a bootyslap) to every meaningless rap song out there. the subject matter of the lyrics is intentionally about analingus to make a point.

"girl i wanna get it right tonight" and all that other booty-bumpin gorilla noise that passes off for music is just as obnoxiously stupid as this. that was the whole idea.

Perfect perfect perfect :DD | Reviewer: Hannah =] | 8/12/08

holy cow.
this song pretty much cracks me up =]
creativity much? lol and yeahhh none of this is suppose to be racist and the guys who wrote this are WHITE.
do your research before you try to throw out a couple of big words and act like a jackass.
k, thanks.

FUCKEN RIGHT DOGGIE! | Reviewer: Off The Heezaaaaay | 4/16/08

just to say,
the person calling B2C "Negroids"..
Incase you have not noticed this isn't meant to be making fun of any race in particular,
more "wiggers"
white people ACTING black,
eg: 'izzle' as a suffix.
so really,
you trying to make fun of Saosin has deffinately FAILED on your part,
but hey,
you're an idiot =DDDDDD

Hillarious but... | Reviewer: SilentTwilight | 2/24/08

... I have to quote another person's comment "its actually "B2C will never stop", not that it matters, but thats who wrote the song. they called themselves B2C, beau from saosin,beau from take the crown, and chris from saosin. " Technically it isn't by Saosin as they said.

hahah. | Reviewer: jessyyy. | 12/14/07

i remember the first time i heard this song. i was in yearbook adn i typed in saosin on this website and i clicked on this song.. i was dude.. cuz i mean the songs you normally hear from saosin.... yeahhh.. well i think its hilarous!


Funny funny funny | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/14/07

This song is hilarious and the person that said us "white" people are just laughing at the "negroids" who wrote this. oh my god, get over yourself, it's a joke song, supposed to be funny.

Booty-licious | Reviewer: Bix | 9/12/07

This song is one of the funniest I've heard in a while.
I love listening to rap songs and making fun of them anyway,
so this is just perfect. Way to go Saosin.