HEY PEOPLE!!! LISTEN TO ME! | Reviewer: Billy | 4/18/10

Okay, this is clearly about testing his faith with God/ losing it. "Seven Years"- Clearly a reference to the Rapture. "Seven years you assured me
That I'd be fine if I complied"- Means that pretty much that for the next seven years (The Rapture) if I do what you tell me, I go to Heaven. Just like in the Bible. So, yeah. I'm right. Get over it.

Sad... | Reviewer: katie | 11/28/09

This is mine and my ex's song.When we were together I tended to focus more on the 'without you is something that I could never do' now I seem to focus more on the 'getting off my chest, the story ends'. He ended up liking another girl :/
'Test my arms' sounds like cutting to me.

best song ever | Reviewer: Kaitlyn | 11/22/09

who cares what this song is about and who should sing it ?

its a great song ; no matter who sings it .
when ever i hear it i smile it's like a recovery song, when ever i have a shit day it makes me feel happy .

songs have a thousand meanings to them , and every one is diffrent only the wrighter knows what it means so ask Anthony Green !

asfsdkflsad | Reviewer: will | 7/13/09

this song is about a girl cause he is saying dont treat me im to blame or dont treat me like i ever accused you. and when he says test my arms kick like crazy they were fighting and he had to deal with it for seven years. you people are dumb it had nothing to do with raping

subjective | Reviewer: landon | 6/14/09

although green probably had a specific idea in mind writing this song, like any really great song its meaning is subject to change with the listener. for me, it's about an incredibly hard stage in my life where i was hit by crushing clinical depression- all the things that led up to it, the agony of the depths of it [ultimately, i was put into hospital ward for the dangerously depressed :/ ], and the difficulty of coming terms with it and finally starting my recovery. almost every night for months is would go outside my house and just listen to this song in the cold and it came to be my favorite song and very personal. even tho i'm sure green wasn't writing the song for/about me/my depression, the lyrics really related to my experience, so, that's what i take from the song... =/

idiots | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/1/09

This song isn't about ''relationships'' its talking about his journey with god ''only pushed the way off to fight you'' he was pushing god away but he realizes he can't live like that ''that mistake was gold'' ''tell him his eyes see too clear''

morons | Reviewer: jim | 8/29/08

anthony green wrote this song about a girl he was dating, this is HIS song not rebers.

anthoney greens g/f dumped him and she told him he would forget about her in 7 years and he wrote this song 7 years after the break up

and no 1 can sing his songs, no 1 sounds like him, no 1 can fill in for him, any real saosin fan will realize this and realize they should make their own songs

lets get this over with | Reviewer: saosinrule | 7/28/08

anthony green was, and still is, an amazing vocalist. he left saosin, deal with it. they hired cove reber to sing for them, he is also an amazing vocalist...what really pisses me off is people saying that reber cant sing songs such as seven years because they are anthonys songs. no, they are saosins songs. just because he wrote them doesnt mean reber cant sing them. thats like saying a popstar cant sing thier songs because someone else wrote them for him or her. although in that case, it might be good...anyway, in conclusion, green left and joined a great band called circa survive...if he never left they might not exist...think about it...i didnt.

Green and Reber for president! | Reviewer: Sexy | 7/21/08

Don't do the whole Cove vs. Anthony debate, it's stupid.

I love this song.
And to me it's about the person who writes it breaking up with a partner for them cheating on the lyricist.
References of that are all through the song.

Song meaning... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/5/08

My interpretation of Anthony's lyrics was that the song was about his father. Think he had a fallout when he was younger, and they say that every seven years of your life there's a dramatic change... for worse or better, hence "seven years".

I think my friend actually asked him what it was about one time, can't really remember when I got that idea from.