Green | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/5/08

Cove doesn't have as high pitched voice as Green does. There's no way, with the version I have of the acoustic that Cove could've sung that. Besides, although it's legally Saosin's song, Anthony wrote it. It is his song and I'm pretty sure Cove wouldn't want to sing that.

BHS funeral | Reviewer: Local Basketball Team | 2/10/08

THey played this song at the funeral for the BHS boys, i was in attendence. It was by far the hardest funeral i have ever been to, and watching one of my close friends singing this song for his rugby buddy dan melted my heart. This was such a tragic accident, and this song almost fit the theme. It made me cry until the very end.

This song makes me cry | Reviewer: Geniva Anderson | 1/18/08

This song was played by a group of teenagers a choir, at the funerals of the 7 youngs guys that lost their lives in the bhs van accident, the van collide head on with a truck-tralor, i could still see the funerals in my head, but at the same time, its a really good songs...

^^ | Reviewer: janice | 12/28/07

i actually wasnt sure about the song at first
but then i listened to it and it was something different
something refreshing ^^

saosin+emo=love | Reviewer: equis | 9/15/07

i love this song both green and cove are good, love it, though green is now singing for circa survive his own band...cove the 2nd vocalist of saosin,,sung the acoustic it both

Hawt Music | Reviewer: Beautifully Broken | 6/9/07

Saosin kicks ass in this song! Godd it's soo friggin awesome. I love it.

it totally rockz | Reviewer: khiz | 5/24/07

this song is one of the best ive ever heard, i love it, the lirics are so cute, and the sound is just amazing.. it rocks!!

true that | Reviewer: skyefull | 5/8/07

it is amazing
it is kinda how i feel about someone.....
and thats why i like it so much, cuz i can understand it. saosin kills

amazing | Reviewer: Alex | 4/30/07

this song is amazing, and if you dont think so you should probably just off yourself.