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AG vs. COVE | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/27/2008

all these newbie "fans", ofcourse would think that cove is better than AG , mainly because none of them were around to hear SAOSIN before AG left and formed circa survive . long story short AG was hands down the better vocalist, cove tries to hard to, he just doesnt have the impact that Anthony Green had.

Saosin | Reviewer: y U c K ƒ O u | 8/4/2008

dont even comment about saosin if you only like 'em post AG.."AG is saosin!!" and its pronounced "say-ocean" btw, look it up..they should've changed the bands name when AG left..its like listening to a totally different band..from a hardcore band to a mainstream alternative band..if you're going to listen to their songs saosin AG and saosin cove without knowing it was saosin you would easily mistaken them for two totally different bands because of the style not only the voice..I suggest they change the name of the band to finish the war between AG and Cove I personally like AG than cove, not that i dont like his voice..its just that i like hardcore bands better.. _\,,/

wasting time | Reviewer: Sheila on 77 | 8/1/2008

I don't think AG has better live pfmnce than cove. They both better on CD's.. But cove made this band vry popular than AG.
But ovrall,saosin's strength is in their band.. Great riff n soo melodic. Stop comparing AG and cove

The Drummer | Reviewer: Justin | 4/15/2008

I think both singers have a lot of talent but Anthony Green fits the band and is SAOSIN. Oh well, beside that fact Alex is the best fucking drummer out there. Listen to his bass beats. He's awesome.

Lol. | Reviewer: Saoson hardcore fan | 3/24/2008

All you fucking idiots talking about how Cove is better than AG are just new fans. If you were a devoted fan back when AG was in Saosin, you'd know AG kicks Cove's ass.

Cove is a talented singer, but really, to say that he can even compare to moronic. AG's voice is not forced. Cove's voice is forced. AG sounds exactly like he does on the album when he sings live. Cove sucks ass live but sounds decent on the album.

Saosin | Reviewer: Jesse | 3/5/2008

Saosin is amazing..amyone that says anthony green is better than cove is full of shit..saosin needed a singer with more passion and a little bit of a harder voice and anthony didn't have that i mean he's a great singer but circa survive is where he belongs and cove belongs in saosin...that is all

(Insert Title Here) | Reviewer: Sebastian | 2/22/2008

Ya, Saosin is a great band, but to tell my honest opinion. I like Cove Reber better than Anthony Green. Live? They both don't sound like they had any voice lessons...but even on album Green still has the same unique 'forced' voice. They manage to clean up Reber's. So, 4/5 on the band, for every member on their skills, until Cove Reber can sing melodically live. = /. Go Saosin, your still kick ass.

anthony green | Reviewer: ninjapwnz | 10/9/2007

anyone who knows saosin should know about anthony green, and how amazing he is. the Album "voices" is a piece of shyt compared to translating the name. Efrens got the right idea.

cool!! | Reviewer: heSAOSINaruto | 9/18/2007

COOL! I LOVE SAOSIN very very very much!!
hahaha! thankyou very much SAOSIN,for all ur music!

"saosin" | Reviewer: E.C. | 8/28/2007

hi. "saosin" might mean xiao xin - read siaosin - which literally means "small heart" and is a word that actually means caution. its a good choice for a band name.

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