I Love This Song and Saosin | Reviewer: Hannah | 7/24/07

This is my all time fav by Saosin
its the first song i had ever heard by them and i fell in love with it instantly
love it

Love | Reviewer: *Smile* | 7/2/07

All the lyric's i have found over the internet for this song have been different so i question the accuracy... i'll look into it some more. Its an amazing song! xxx

tokie vandalismo | Reviewer: tokie | 6/18/07

this song is great,,,,,,its realy great.....
i love it.....
fuck those hardcore....

yeah | Reviewer: vinci | 5/29/07

yeah this is my favorite song and vocalist! too bad anthony quit saosin.. :(

YES! | Reviewer: Sean | 5/12/07

this song is sick. it's definately my favorite along with seven years, both songs and both acoustic versions of the songs are just breath taking, cant wait to see saosin live

awesome! | Reviewer: chitosci | 5/3/07

this song by Saosin.. ROCKS! I loved it the first time i heard it. the song is emotional but and full of angst at the same time!

wow.. | Reviewer: Josie | 5/4/07

This is the best song I've ever heard, and the lyrics are so well written.

Yeah boii | Reviewer: Jessicaeth | 5/3/07

I love it, I'm seeing them in 8 days, I hope they play it!

fucking awosme | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/17/07

this is one of the best songs they have made so far i love it and i love them so u guys are always playing in my radio and i love you guys so later!

absolutely amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/14/07

his voice is incredible. the lyrics really have meaning and his singing brings them to life. this is more than just words sung by an artificial voice. saosin has true talent. the vocals are very powerful and on key.