title | Reviewer: you are all retards. | 4/29/10

This song is NOT saosin. I'm pretty sure it's a solo project because I've never seen performances of either *BAND* playing it. I've only ever seen Anthony Green and his guitar.

I've been trying to reach you, but my extension cord wouldn't reach that far <3 one of my favorite lyrics :D

It's not a Saosong. | Reviewer: Nebbie | 9/14/09

mandeep has no idea what he's talking about. It's AG's solo work. He has a full album of solo stuff out called Avalon, and Weezer had nothing to do with this.

The argument isn't whether it's good or not, it's whether it should be under Saosin. It also has nothing to do with a copyright claim, this website is purely user submissions. God, you people are idiots. Do some research before you come on here throwing your made up "knowledge" around. Just pisses real fans off.

alright | Reviewer: Ryan | 6/19/08

Anthony Green recorded this song when he wasn't in any band it was to test out a recording studio. but everyone says it's saosin or circa survive, but it's really just anthony green. but it doesn't matter over all the controversy of who it's by because it's an amazing song

Anthony Green | Reviewer: Vince Petaccio | 1/4/08

Anthony Green is from my town. I've played with, done sound for, and hung out with Zolof. He's a pretty OK guy. The guitarist from Zolof is a bit of a douche.

weezer? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/22/07

i dont really know if
weezer can take singing this song..
the rentals are the former weezer.

yep | Reviewer: Skaterkid | 4/28/07

This kids right, but hes in a lot more bands then Circa Survive, He was in "Audience Of One" then "Zolof The Rock And Roll Destroyer" then "Saosin" and he is still in "Circa Survive", "The Sounds Of Animals Fighting", "High And Driving", "Jeer At Rome", "Moshtradamus", and does his solo work. He also was in "A Truck Full of Dead Bodies"
for the son "Hope and Lime", "Fear Before the March of Flames" for the song
"My (Fucking) Deer Hunter" (he did backups in this one), "Like Lions" for the song "Sweetside"
and "Cheap Seats" (Did backups for both of these too), "The Receiving End of Sirens" for the song "Flee the Factory" and "Epilogue" (Still Backups), and then "A Life Once Lost" for the song "Falls River Farewell" (demo version) (backups). He's really an amazing guy.

Love this song! | Reviewer: Martine23 | 4/20/07

I don't know much about the bands/artists involved or anything but I think this is such a beautiful song. I probably listen to it at least once a week. Even the slower version I found on Youtube by Anthony Green is awesome. Great tune!

It Dont Matter | Reviewer: Care less | 4/6/07

It dosent matter who sang this song its bloody damn good and that wat matters

if it wasnt sang by saosin then it wouldn't
be able to say sang by saosin it would be copyright

as i said b4 i dont care i love this song it awsome

and thats wat counts!

The Best | Reviewer: sunshine | 3/16/07

this was the first song I ever heard by Anthony Green, I fell in love with it, and then I discovered Saosin, that is one talented man.

uh youre all wrong | Reviewer: minh | 2/14/07

this is by anthony green when he was solo. He WAS in saosin but hes in circa survive now. this song is by anthony green and Justin Shekoski from Saosin.