uhh yea it is | Reviewer: mandeep | 2/10/07

this is a SAOSIN song they just had the people from weezer and other people sing it WITH them i know saosin waaaay more than you do [[person who wrote this is not saosin]]

very good song | Reviewer: saosinlover | 6/15/06

until som1 told me (anonymous) i thought this was saosin love the song

this is not saosin | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/18/05

'I've Been Trying to Reach You' is NOT a Saosin song. It was a song recorded with Anthony Green, Justin Skekoski and Scott from Weezer.

Sweet A' Kickin' | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/19/05

this song is so tight! people don't even understand. seriously! this song was the begining of the end (rip anthony green)! but cove you frickin' rock even better in saosin then anthony did. and God blessed all of us with circa survive!you boys are tight keep it real!!!!!!!!!!!