Dopey Dope | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/11/12

This song is dope. They inspire me to keep playin music even when i feel like giving up(even in life). I heard this song for the first time a couple weeks ago and you couldn't even imagine how much I want to succeed in music again (or maybe you could).....

Cool it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/19/11

Saosin is still awesome with Cove. Theyre very different styles of singing, anthony being a little harsher. Cove still has intense moments, and a good range. But looks like Saosin is looking for a third singer now...

epic | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/6/11

This song is amazing. Everyone is right anthony is the shit and cove licks taint. Saying anthony didn't fit is crazy. They may wanted to go in different directions. But just listen to the cd. They fit. And don't worry we won't listen to the "new" saosin.

Cove | Reviewer: T'pring | 6/17/10

I hate people who say Cove sucks... go away then and don't listen to Saosin because they are still an amazing group. I agree that Anthony Green is amazing but they have two different musical styles and Anthony Green wasn't made for Saosin, which he knew so he left... and now he's doing great things in Circa and solo, lets just be happy for them both!

Two versions | Reviewer: Jeroni | 2/26/10

This the Cove version of this song. The suck version. The only time SAOSIN was good was with Anthony Green. The difference of this song is The Anthony Green version is:"And I've said that you've been golden on my bed" not "And Im sad that you'll be alone on my bed" ONly that much difference besides the fact that COVE SUCKS. Anthony Green is beyond Pro.

SAOSIN | Reviewer: shawna | 8/5/07

this is my favorite band ever. no joke. i have all songs they've made and they are all awesome.

about | Reviewer: nicole | 7/23/07

This song is amazing, the acoustic version is by far my favorite. The voice changes, everything, simply flawless.

awsome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/2/07

im in a band right now and these guys are my inspiration :)