Confused rubbish | Reviewer: Max Vitesse | 11/30/13

Punk rockers don't have flowers in their hair. Typically it is hardened solid with gel, so you could't get any flowers into it. What a load of tosh this tune is.

PS I hope MiRaNdA has learnt to write by now.

i love this song | Reviewer: amy :) | 6/11/11

omg i love this song soo much i want it at my wedding one day
it just reminds me of the good times and i think it helps me calm down when i am angry i love this song even though i aint no punk rocker the song makes me feel like on i sing this song everyday because i love it so much

Awake | Reviewer: HQ | 1/9/10

Of course punk rockers don't have flowers in their hair -- except to be cheeky, perhaps. It's about TWO different music/social/cultural revolutions, hence the mention of '77 and '69. I think she appreciates the simpler times of those days (simple compared to now, at least) and wishes she could've been a part of them. I love the quirky juxtaposition of the hippies and punks. Even those the styles are dramatically different, aren't they really both about changing/challenging the status quo? Anyway, I love the song :)

Wake up! | Reviewer: Punk | 3/27/07

wake up! punk rockers don't have flowers in their hair. i have seen lots of punk rockers, personaly i listen to punk all the time, you know what i have in my hair? well, not flowers. mohawk+flower= >:( it isn't punk to have flowers in your hair, and i have never seen a punk rocker with flowers in his/her hair.
69' no!!! worng genre of music people.

dis song rox | Reviewer: MiRaNdA | 10/21/06

dis song iz heaps kewl nd i luv how sandi singz it shez a mad ass even tho me mum h8s it i luv da song nd so does heaps a peeps in me class.1day it came on da radio on maths nd every1 in me class was singin it its a mad as song culdnt live wid out it!luv ya james mwah!

i love this song | Reviewer: meaghan | 7/25/06

this is a realy good song and the lyrics are amazing... i love the way it makes you think of how much we have changed and how it was a better time back in the day and now i wish i was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair