mario talkin to himself after cathy leaves. | Reviewer: michelle | 3/30/12

Mario: Aww come on man you just better stop with that thats your problem not mine it aint mine dont be tryin to put that on me thats death comeon what now you gonna try and tell me i got AIDS you better walk on please and i passed it to her Thats No No No who am i fooling aw im just sittin here blamin her im blamin somebody else for something i did i mean i know im the only one shes been with i cant belive this i had my whole future ahead of me i know i know she was puttin off on the college and me too i wanted to you know get an education i wanted to start a family I WANTED TO BE ABLE TO START A FAMILY I MIGHT EVEN DIE SOON AND WHAT IF SHES PREGNANT THAN THAT MEANS THE BABY IS GONNA HAVE AIDS AWW I GOTTA GET OUTTA HERE.