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Performed by Saliva

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IDK | Reviewer: Ray Angel Harris | 11/8/13

I think he is talking about himself.
The other half inside of him or let say his partner in crime.
Too much wanting to be something that your not.. it will make you something but eventually realizing that this is not for you.
Totally a waste of time. Yeah! this is why the song is called famous monster.

You guys are always think crazy and negative. Every negative does not mean you add to it.
Make positive out of bad. Jesus like.

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Incredible | Reviewer: d-a-w | 2/28/09

I think Anthony is 100% correct. the song shows how celebrities get their identity torn away from them simply to please the media. eventually there is nothing they can do, they lose all they have to offer and have wasted their own life trying to please an insatiable need to cut down the great

Great Song | Reviewer: Anthony | 8/1/08

I personally believe it portrays the way the media use celebrities. A prime example is Britney Spears, and the way that they absolutely tore her apart just so people would read their newspapers, or watch their television reports. It's about how Celebrities, and rockstars and popstars and all other forms of high-profile media images get thrown around like rag dolls for our subhuman need for gossip in this modern age.

Song review | Reviewer: Z | 9/18/07

I think he singing about a pornstar and or ex of his, we all know how rockstars like the adult film stars and i think the lyrics also support this idea

@Anonymous^^ | Reviewer: Thunder | 5/31/07

I agree. This would also explain the beginning:
"Dear heavenly father please forgive us
For we know not what we do".

Great sound, great lyrics!

Very Good | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/8/07

We need more songs like this. My band is a band against drugs, and I believe this song is about drugs and assassinations. I think it is a song about someone ruining their life, their friends or family's life, and killing themselves in the process. It is great.

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