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Performed by Saliva

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good song! | Reviewer: HairyHighlander | 6/16/07

Man what a good song!...everyone has a meaning for it and what it stands for but ARIANNA can just butt the hell out...the song makes you think!...the songs amazing and for anymore fans out there also look out for I WALK is the theme tune for wrestler BATISTA...enjoy it guys!...i doo!...anyone wanting contact,!...

hell yeah man | Reviewer: tubby | 6/14/07

this song rocks. enough said. not only is it a love song, but its the perfect breakup song to make someone feel like shit. and honestly i understand what its talking about, its all t oo fmiliar, except in my case i had a knife to my throat instead of a gun tp my head, and i obviously didnt go through with it like he did but thats not the point. the point is that this song kicks ass!

matt | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/10/07

everyone keeps saying its a love song, but thats only part of it. Its about suicide, his girl broke up with him, he couldnt take it and shot himself. sad song, i feel his pain, except with the shooting myself part. one of the best songs tho.

love,love,love! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/5/07

I just love this song, freakin love it. Its so freakin amazing, cause I totally agree with the lyric. Aaaaah <3

dead on the inside | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/21/07

i love this song. my Gf just broke up with me yesterday. now im hearing this thing she broke up with me for my friend. i really dont think i can live without her.

wow. | Reviewer: arianna | 5/19/07

holy shxt. eveyone who has 'reviewed' this song so far has just whined about how it reminds them of 'how much it hurts becaues it is exactly what they feel about thier girlfriend'. you're all pussies. you need to be listening to some emo shit. not saliva. they're too good for you. go cry in a corner to someone else's music. this is for the rockers.

Always | Reviewer: Dale | 5/19/07

When I hear this song, All I think about is my girl. I love her so much, but at the moment it feels as though she just isn't interested in the relationship. This song is about the pain I feel, the fact that atm, I love her, But I also hate her for what shes doing to me.... And the Fact I couldn't live without her. Shes my everything and all I want is for our relationship to go back to the way it once was.

great song | Reviewer: whorehay | 5/16/07

this song is so explains everything thats goin on rite now with my bestfriend nd how she wont go out with me.....i love to just listen to this song and cry while im smoking a cigeret

I love this song | Reviewer: glen | 5/4/07

i really love this song it describes how iv felt lately i really love my gf but she keeps breaking up w/me i feel like she keeps breaking my heart

this rockz | Reviewer: unknown | 4/30/07

i love this song cuz i cry and think of my girlfriend when i listen to this song cuz she does that shit to me :'(

"Always" video | Reviewer: Thunder | 4/22/07

Hey can anybody tell me: What is the name of the beautiful girl in the video of this great song?....when I saw her for the first time I just thought WOW xD

Always | Reviewer: Aurora | 3/30/07

It rocks, I love it, Saliva are the best.This
song, it so deep, I can feel it, I just want to dance and scream, men I need to drink some water...

FINALLY! | Reviewer: Kalia | 2/15/07

i found this song!! it's been stuck in my head for a LONG while! ^^;; now that i know who sings it, this song is TOTALLY going in my new mix! <3

absolutly awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/16/07

this song is one of their best! i love saliva and their lyrics are almost always what i feel!

love | Reviewer: ashley | 2/6/07

this song means alot to me.. it kinda describes my relationship when evr he tries to leave he cant he comes back we cant live with out eachother and solitude being alone we've treated eachother like crap and well we felt alone and whenever i hear this song it reminds of the good we share

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