Just to check things out. | Reviewer: Kayla Hendricks | 8/2/13

Hey I love this band its like totally my FAVORITE band an I mean that. All the songs makes me get Goosebumps. I would really love to meet SAFETYSUIT or at least see and watch them in concert!!! Just love yalls songs so keep it up! Your songs keep me goin each day and hope yall make more new songs!!!!! <3 you guys!

Awe Inspiring | Reviewer: Amy | 12/4/12

SAFETYSUIT has always been much more to me than a band. Their music has come to help me through some of the most difficult times of my life. "These Times" helped me through a major depression at the age of 16. In all honesty, that song kept me alive and looking for something more. I recently went to SAFETYSUIT's concert and made sure I was front row. As soon as Doug Brown's first words filled the venue, I was in tears. The music brings out such emotion in me.