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Performed by Sade

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Love you so much | Reviewer: Grant | 11/7/12

Sade has only love to say and she is love. All love, the most lovely woman there could possibly be. Sade is love itself. I love her so much. She is love to me, and her music is love for everyone. She is lovely and makes love itself lovely.

An Angel's Sign... | Reviewer: Sandy | 7/26/11

I had glued a little clay-angel - a prayer for my soul mate to materialise in my life - to my love vision-map right beside the lyrics of Kiss of Life. On 10th of July it all of a sudden fell off and switched on my heart-shaped lamp standing on the floor. I was amazed.
On 20th of July I met a man virtually. Now I am really excited whether he will turn out the man the angel led me to...
I will always love this magical song. Wonderful lyrics and music.
Wishing all lovers luck! ♥

Beautiful | Reviewer: Leigh | 7/7/09

I love this song.... my husband and I danced to this song at our wedding and each time I hear it I get butterflies for the amount of love I feel for him. Thank you Sade for actually putting my feelings into such a beautiful melody.

My favorite | Reviewer: NaShieka | 10/28/08

I am a TRUE Sade fan. Out of all the songs that she has (and I love them all), this one is my favorite. This is my husband's and my song because when we first met, this song had just hit the airwaves. And it seemed as if everytime we spoke on the phone, it was playing. So even when I am upset to the upmost, if I hear this song, it makes me think of new, exciting love. And I can't help but smile. Love u Sade, please release some new hits!!!

Amazing | Reviewer: Travione Chamberlyn | 2/11/08

man....this gorgeous,talented woman has helped me so much in relationships I thought could never be repaired. The sound of her soft voice allowed me to sleep through the lonely nights, and also allowed me to cry at the precious moments.Her songs cause me to reminisce of the days when i was a lil man.The industry is blessed to have someone as gifted as you Sade, and someday i would love the oppertunity of producing some future tracks for you.

Travione Chamberlyn


Joy of love | Reviewer: Esther | 9/2/07

That the feeling I´d like to have when I met my true feel the joy of love, the kiss of life!!!

LOVE IT!!!!! | Reviewer: vanessa..nessa | 5/2/07

sade i love your music so....much thank u 4 continuing to produce songs.... jus know there's always a fan out there!!!!

jazzy lady | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/25/07

sade is a smooth, jazzy lady. she knows about true romance. she has helped me with my relationships through her songs

SPLENDID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Kerline Octave | 2/22/07

I love all of Sade's songs. All of them are soothing and touching, ut most of all they are sung with true meaning and value. Sade is one of my icons and this song Kiss of Life is an excellent song well performed by Sade herself. No other can do it like Sade. That's my two cents!

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