Such memories | Reviewer: Lily | 4/20/09

Some of your songs make me cry it reminds me of being young and i understand you need to move on but i want you to know I loved you so much and your songs have really touched my heart and will always be there to stay...

we all miss your songs. | Reviewer: kat | 2/23/08

s-club 7 was my favorite band in the world. when i heard yall split up i started crying. yall were great and if you would have went on with it i bet yall would have made millions. well all my friends and i miss you and you will always be my favorite band. please try to go back together!!

i miss your songs.. | Reviewer: ku marsya | 1/16/08

hi S Club name is marsya from malaysia....i miss you all...why do you guys have to quit....i will always be u're biggest you!!!gud luck!!!

Miss U Guyz | Reviewer: MaryAnn | 10/26/07

I Just Wanted To Thank U Guyz For Writing Two In A Million And Never Had A Dream Those Songs R Awsome Love U Guyz Will U Guyz Ever Have A Reunion?

Awesome band ever! | Reviewer: Hanis | 5/25/07

My name is Hanis. I love your songs. The songs have a really deep meanings. I am a fan of Hannah, Rachel,Jon, Jo, Bradely and Tina!! You all are fantastic! I miss you very much!! Why break up? You should of stick together. You're fans are sad!! Just want you to know, I love your band!

We miss you! | Reviewer: Jenny | 4/8/07

S club (7) was my favorite group growing up. I seriously was obsessed. I taped every show and had all their cds imported from england. I remember when Paul left the group I cried for days. I really wish they would consider getting back together just for fun, even though Jo has a back problem, I know they would sell millions of cds.

You could've kept going | Reviewer: Kerry | 9/18/06

When I first heard about the split of S Club, it was on the internet. You see I started watching reruns of their series and before long, I was hooked. After reading about their split however, needless to say I was stunned. I thought to myself: "Why would a band as good as this one would want to suddenly split up?" I started reading more about it and that's when I realized that they all thought it was time to move on. Personally though, I think they could've stuck around for another 4-5 years. Bieng together for 4 years is not long. I know it's been 3 years since that day, but still, what's wrong with sticking around for another 4-5? It's not that I miss them or anything, I just think their timing wasn't right. To the former members of the band, I only wish you could've re-considered your decision because you guys were awesome. Thank you

God-bye | Reviewer: Stuart | 5/5/06

S Club 7 were the best pop band around, loved all of there songs when they were atound and loved the tv shows and the film. Sorry to see ya all go. Hope to see ya all get back to gether soon, u r missed by loads of people (your fans).

the greatness of a band | Reviewer: ashley | 5/17/05

s club 7 was a great band with there catchy songs awesome tv show,i will always adore them thanks for the great music. im sad you guys split